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It hasn't been too bad shopping at Walmart since that last problem I had at Walmart store#100 in Bentonville, Ar(which I posted about on here a number of weeks ago). Yesterday unfortunately, I had another bad encounter.

This time at the WM store I have been shopping at closer to where I live in Springdale, AR, which has also shown a lot better service than store 100 up until yesterday. There was a recent ad in the newspaper from WM for a 3 piece patio set from Hometrends on sale for $120.00(regular $200). But when I got there yesterday to pick it up, the price had gone back up to the regular price. I went and told the girl and CSM at the Garden checkout about it.

They said the sale ended the day before. Well first of all, the reason I didn't get the ad in time was because my newspaper carrier had missed my house for 2 days in a row when the sale was being advertised. Long story short, I finally got fed up and called into the newspaper office I had them bring me that day and the previous days papers too(this was friday). Apparently the ad was in one of the previous days papers that I didn't get in time and I just got them mixed up, plus I should of got that paper on the correct days to begin with!!!

I didn't realize the ad had even expired until they told me about right there at the checkout, plus I had thought the sale was going to last a little more than just a couple of days anyway. I told them the situation and they still wouldn't let me have it at that price. I also told them my husband was a supervisor at the home office. After they still refused I finally got the store manager to come up, which turned out to be a co-manager who said the store manager was at stinking lunch!!


I ended up backing off on telling my husband about the last incident at store 100, but I have told him this time and have given them the names of all involved which I wrote down on a piece of paper before I left. I am starting to become ashamed my husband even works for Walmart!!

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Walmart is greedy. They don't care about the bottom line. WM actually pays newspaper companies to miss customers when delivering papers so they can get more money out of them.


That's the silliest thing I've ever heard.


For real?




I used to cow-tow to my EX wife too. But after awhile he'll realize you're an unreasonable *** and leave you.

Did you know over 50% of men that left women in 2010 left them because of nagging and complaining. You're affecting his job, and if you don't think it embarrasses him your wrong. And if you think there's not another woman that's noticed this and hasn't already presented an offer to help him out of the situation your wrong.

Next time you miss a sale, go home and make your man dinner and give him a big hug. There's a lot more important things in life than a cheap *** Walmart table, lol.


Mrs Lea just made another review for Chili's again.


MsLea, why does it matter if a post made with your dumb name is impersonated or not? it's a fake post, whether it's from Arkansas or not.


Well the latest impersonator is from Chicago, so I will give you the benefit of the doubt.


Apparently it is you who is incapable of reading comprehension, because I have stated several times that I HAVE NOT IMPERSONATED YOU. Having a better memory than you does not mean that I impersonated you.

You are obviously incapable of reading comprehension. Your husband probably gets good discounts at Walmart and they sell dictionaries, go buy one.


Jedi, I have never made such a claim. I have a feeling that was one of your posts where you were impersonating me by the way you just brought it up.


Wrong you are the one with poor reading skills. Guess you forgot about the post(one where you claimed you were "impersonated.") Where you told the employees that as long as you preform sexual favours for your husband he will fire them for not giving in to you.

Either way you expect them to honour sales which ended. I bet you would expect Wendy's to honour their free burger which promotion ended six or nine years ago claiming companies should honour it since it was not that long from the promotion. You not only have poor reading skills but a poor memory. However you would remember about food sales nine years ago and expect them to honour them.

I bet you also remember what happened on your soap operas. But you forget how to cook, and you forget what you said a month or two ago.


Once again, Jedi is incapable of reading comprehension. Like I already said on this post, my husband simply called the store manager, he never went into the store and threatened to fire anyone. He doesn't even have that authority.


Actually they did give in. Her husband came into the store and threatened to fire everyone if his wife did not get his way.

Which makes me question whether her stories are for real. If he really used his position to break the rules he would have been fired a long time ago.


Actually they did give in. Her husband came into the store and threatened to fire everyone if his wife did not get his way.

Which makes me question whether her stories are for real. If he really used his position to break the rules he would have been fired a long time ago.


What an ***. You, of all people, should know better b/c your hubby works for walmart.

Shame on you. Other stores may have a "yes we can" policy but as an employee of another store I can honestly say we all HATE the policy b/c it makes our customers turn into liars just to get their way.

I like that Walmart does not give in. Hopefully the rest of the retailers will follow walmarts lead.


Instead of walking through the aisles of Walmart, you'd do better lying on the couch of a psychiatrist.


I'm sorry but I cannot believe this dumb b**** is serious...


why should Walmart bend the rules for a mentally ill person like you?? please tell us why.

who cares if your husband works for home office? whether your stories are fake or not, it does NOT give you an excuse to be a dumb ***


Saying that her husband works at home office someone who works at this walmart should complain and say its like harassment so they can look at getting her kicked out of walmart and banned stop the complaints for good and shut her up. He would probalby get in trouble too but he should feel bad because he lets her out of the house. And lets her loose among the general public.


"This is the type of *** people those of us who work at any walmart have to deal with every day."

Well hopefully you won't have to put up with her anymore. Because once home office sees that this fool is using her husband to bend the rules for her his job will be at stake and he will divorce her.

This is not the only place where she bullied the employees with her husband's job. She was getting a diet coke from a machine.

She was an employee with fast food and yelled at him because the money ate her dollar. When he refused to help her she told him she would have him fired because her husband works at home office.