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It hasn't been too bad shopping at Walmart since that last problem I had at Walmart store#100 in Bentonville, Ar(which I posted about on here a number of weeks ago). Yesterday unfortunately, I had another bad encounter.

This time at the WM store I have been shopping at closer to where I live in Springdale, AR, which has also shown a lot better service than store 100 up until yesterday. There was a recent ad in the newspaper from WM for a 3 piece patio set from Hometrends on sale for $120.00(regular $200). But when I got there yesterday to pick it up, the price had gone back up to the regular price. I went and told the girl and CSM at the Garden checkout about it.

They said the sale ended the day before. Well first of all, the reason I didn't get the ad in time was because my newspaper carrier had missed my house for 2 days in a row when the sale was being advertised. Long story short, I finally got fed up and called into the newspaper office I had them bring me that day and the previous days papers too(this was friday). Apparently the ad was in one of the previous days papers that I didn't get in time and I just got them mixed up, plus I should of got that paper on the correct days to begin with!!!

I didn't realize the ad had even expired until they told me about right there at the checkout, plus I had thought the sale was going to last a little more than just a couple of days anyway. I told them the situation and they still wouldn't let me have it at that price. I also told them my husband was a supervisor at the home office. After they still refused I finally got the store manager to come up, which turned out to be a co-manager who said the store manager was at stinking lunch!!


I ended up backing off on telling my husband about the last incident at store 100, but I have told him this time and have given them the names of all involved which I wrote down on a piece of paper before I left. I am starting to become ashamed my husband even works for Walmart!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Oh, MrsLea01. I must share with you that I have dervied many, many hours of enjoyment at the readings of Jedi Knight Ethan's critiques.

While deriding you for your spelling and sentence structure, she can't even spell the simplest of words. Please enjoy the endless entertainment she supplies as much as I do.

Bear in mind, she honestly believes that her comments offend others.

Here's to your enjoyment!


lol I think I'm done believing MrsLea. she's either a liar looking for attention on this site or she's just some low life looking for a reason to complain about everything in life.


Not to mention you don't type like an adult. You don't put a whole sentence such as


Please type proper sentences like an adult would if you are going to talk to anyone. Seriously you learn how to type a proper sentence in first grade. You also learn not to throw a temper tantrum when you don't get your way, long before first grade.


Not to mention. People have a right to type on your review whether you like the responses or not.

If you are offended when people tell the truth.(that you are throwing a temper tantrum like a six year old) than get off the site. This is not for easily offended people.

Go cry to your husband. Maybe he will *** with you to make you feel better.


"Wow, please learn how to spell like an adult before you speak to me."

Are you talking about the "employeed" thing it's called a typo. These things can happen. If you are going to tell someone to act like an adult than at least behave like one. Wow is right you do behave like a six year old.


Wow, please learn how to spell like an adult before you speak to me.


A married woman behaving like a six year old. How does her husband put up with it?

I saw that review that Jedi Knight Ethan was referring to and noticed tat since then she has not responded to defend herself. I also wonder why is it not okay for michael's wife to ask for help when employees are off the clock, yet she expects people to help her when they are clearly on their lunch break. Jedi Knight Ethan has a point. She must think she is special because her husband works for home office.

Well if he is going to keep using his position to get what he wants he will not have a job any longer and TheBadServiceWarrier won't have anyone to use to get her way by behaving like a six year old. If I were any of he employees who you tried to bully with your husband's job I would be complaining to them and soon your husband would no longer be employeed.


Also reporting does not do a thing.


Okay say you are being "impersonated" explain this. When I went to Eaton Center someone who claimed to be a wife of a big shot at Walmart AR called me a cowboy and asked if I wanted to have a good night.

Her name was the same as your last name. Weird?


Omg lady shutup.everyone knows how dumb u are and ur just mad because people call u on it.


Omg shutup lady get over the fact that ur dumb and hooked on phonics and everyone knows it.


Go back to my original post, Jedi. I am in Springdale, AR, and if it says Austin, TX, that means I was using my Iphone at the time.

I apparently have a number of people on here using my username and saying false stuff.

The ones from Toronto, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, just to name a few. This site should allow only one username per person like everybody else.


It is called other people are copying my username to try to pretend to be me. I don't know why this site doesn't allow only one username per person like everybody else?? I have reported these people's posts too.


Whatever I still think you are selling your body around New York, New Jersey, Ontario and Pennsylvania. They border each other, and you even admitted that someone tricked you into sniffing cocaine.

Okay the "imposter" is from Pennsylvania, but explain the posts from Toronto and New Jersey and New York.

Also explain to me about the person who was leaving the Eaton Center at Downtown Toronto calling me a cowboy in a sexy voice and asking me if I want to have a good time. She also said something about her husband working at Walmart home office in Arkansas and about how he fires anyone who angers her if she has a bad experience in exchange of having her *** rubbed and his *** sucked.


It's none of your business what I do with my body Ethan. I'm only mad at Walmart because the store manager at the Rogers Ar store threatened to ban me from the store and call the police for prostituting in the Walmart parking lot.

My husband works in the mail room at Walmart's main office so he sends threatening letters he signs using the ceo's name. That's how I get things my way.


Omg this goes to show how dumb you are.

i think ur sad now i juat feel bad for u.

whatever.thats life lady stop ur *** and move on.


No, that other person from Pennsylvania or wherever is an imposter. I mean duh!

BTW, the reason my last post on here says Austin, Texas is become I was on my Iphone when I posted it.


Lol u realize that this never shows the right city or state.?i could be from anywhere. Point is post a real complaint.like someone slapped u or sid something that is bad.


I am not asking for sexual favors either. Notice that other person with

my name has another city and state.

He or she is an imposter. That should be obvious.