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It hasn't been too bad shopping at Walmart since that last problem I had at Walmart store#100 in Bentonville, Ar(which I posted about on here a number of weeks ago). Yesterday unfortunately, I had another bad encounter.

This time at the WM store I have been shopping at closer to where I live in Springdale, AR, which has also shown a lot better service than store 100 up until yesterday. There was a recent ad in the newspaper from WM for a 3 piece patio set from Hometrends on sale for $120.00(regular $200). But when I got there yesterday to pick it up, the price had gone back up to the regular price. I went and told the girl and CSM at the Garden checkout about it.

They said the sale ended the day before. Well first of all, the reason I didn't get the ad in time was because my newspaper carrier had missed my house for 2 days in a row when the sale was being advertised. Long story short, I finally got fed up and called into the newspaper office I had them bring me that day and the previous days papers too(this was friday). Apparently the ad was in one of the previous days papers that I didn't get in time and I just got them mixed up, plus I should of got that paper on the correct days to begin with!!!

I didn't realize the ad had even expired until they told me about right there at the checkout, plus I had thought the sale was going to last a little more than just a couple of days anyway. I told them the situation and they still wouldn't let me have it at that price. I also told them my husband was a supervisor at the home office. After they still refused I finally got the store manager to come up, which turned out to be a co-manager who said the store manager was at stinking lunch!!


I ended up backing off on telling my husband about the last incident at store 100, but I have told him this time and have given them the names of all involved which I wrote down on a piece of paper before I left. I am starting to become ashamed my husband even works for Walmart!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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I think the only reason MrsLea01...err...TheBadServiceWarrior, got her patio set was because the manager thought that every dollar was worth getting you out of his store.

TheBadServiceWarrior is no longer the novelty "get a load of this" management will talk about - she is now the one no one will want to deal with because she demands unreasonable requests just because her husband works in the laundry room at Wal-Mart's Home Office.


Mrs. Imposter, you do know people can see where you live, right?? Your changing your username to impersonate me isn't working.


I can't help it Jedi. They gave me this white substance and told me to sniff it. The next thing I know I am in New Jersey, or New York and even Canada.


"Shutup, that MrsLea01 is an imposter. Notice where she is from."

It just means MrsLea01 travels a lot for her prostituting business.

She has been to Philadelphia, Toronto, New York, New Jersey. Boy she gets around a lot.


Lmao ur not at walmart u dumb redneck.boohoo ur crying because people are attacking you for being as dumb as you?your the one posting comments online.no ones making fun of your husband if he would risk his job for sexual favors then i hope he knows the consequences. Lmao i hope u get a life and realize no one xares about ur dumb problems and if u dont want to be laughed at. You then don't post *** online.dumb hick


Shut up everyone. I am the real MrsLea01 and I am tired of everyone attacking me.

If you keep doing this I am going to call my husband and have you all banned from Walmart.

I only got the patio set after my husband threatened to have the store manager demoted to greeter and told the land and told the lawn and garden clerk that I would have him scrubbing toilets. And if you dont stop making fun of me or my husband I'll have all you banned from Walmart for the rest of your life.


Shutup, that MrsLea01 is an imposter. Notice where she is from.


Seriously sexual favors?lol ur husband must be as dumb as u.u need to get a life and stop *** and get a job sounds like ur too dumb to get a job so u go to walmart and bother people who actually are too good for a job like that.ur husband if hes smart would run and tell u where to go.

Lmao the sad thing is ur probably a big fat *** who can barely read and thats why u never get the promotions on time. Lol ur mommy and daddy r probably brother and sister dumb hillbilly *** stop acting smart.

No one cares ....


I'm so sick of MrsLea. she's nothing but a little spoiled *** that won't be happy until..

well, she'll never be happy. she just feel satisfied when she makes Walmart employees feel like ***. I bet MrsLea doesn't even have a job, she relies on her husband who apparently just cleans bathrooms. I think that either 1.

the husband disguised himself as a supervisor while on the phone or 2. MrsLea stole the patio after she tied up the people in the garden center and then sneaked out that way. then an employee asked her if she needed help so he screamed at him and told him he would be fired if he didn't back off because she felt like he was accusing her of stealing even though she was. face it MrsLea, you abuse your husband and you abuse your husband's imaginary position to get your way at Walmart.

it's only a matter of time until they figure out your little scheme. the proof for it is all on this website, you little ***


If you want them to be more respectful you have to be respectful yourself. The fact remains that your husband is a wh*re if he is expecting sexual favours in exchange of you pushing his employees around.

The fact remains you are using your husband\'s job to treat other people like *** The fact remains you are a total *** because of your husband\'s important job.

You were treated with respect, it is you who was rude and disrespectful. Next time you have your period stay at home.


Actually Jedi Knight Ethan, at first my husband refused to get involved, but when I told him what sexual favours I could do for him if I got the patio set for $120 he gave in. Now I am working on doing more sexual favours for him in exchange of him firing the manager who did not give me what I wanted, for firing the cashier that suggested I was stealing and for firing the man who refused to help me while he was on his lunch break when I had problems with the coke machine. I want the coke machine fired as well as it did not respond and completely ignored me when I did not get my coke.


Your husband had no right using his job to get what he wants. Besides should you not know how long the sale will last if you are married to him. Something does not add up here.


"He is a supervisor with the textiles department". That's just a fancy way of saying he works in the laundry room.


My husband isn't a janitor at the home office. He is a supervisor with the textiles department.

I am not trying to get anyone fired, just do their jobs and be more respectful.

Thankfully my husband called the store manager today and I was able to go down and get the patio set for the $120.oo price.

Looks great on our deck. :)


MrsLea01 hates Wal-Mart very much, but still goes there just to tell everyone that her husband mops the floors and cleans the ladies restroom at Home Office.


Omg lady im so glad to hear yr husband said no to you because it sounds like your worse then s 2 year old who doesn't get what that want.if u dont like walmart then stop going.shop somewhere else.wait. u probably cant because u like barking orders at people u wanna be in charge of.lol.ur funny yr husband is the one who works there not u.stop acting like u earned the title.i feel bad for thise people who work there.knowing they have to deal with u.they need a raise.


Today I had another incident at Walmart. I wanted all my purchases for half price because my husband is a big cheese in home office. I told the manager that I am above him because my husband works for home office. I told the manager that if I don't get what I want my husband will fired him and everyone who I don't like. The manager still refused to budge. He told me just because I am sleeping with his boss does not give him a right to treat his employees like this.

I went and told my husband what happened. I demanded he fire the manager. My husband said no and asked me to stop going to all the stores and harassing the managers and employees. Then he wanted me to sleep with him. He wanted to rub my *** and he wanted me to give him a ***. I said not unless he fired all employees that did not give me what I wanted. He said ***. I told him he had to sleep on the couch. He told me that it won't be him sleeping on the couch but that it would have to me ME sleeping on the couch since all I do is watch TV and eat pork rinds and gain weight. I told him I could not fit on the couch. He said too bad so sad.

I threatened to divorce him if he does not fire the manager and employee who refused to help me while on lunch break. When I told him this his reply was.

"Is that a promise or threat."


MrsBitchyLea is lying. she just has nothing better to do while her husband is at work so she decides to take her anger out on the Walmart employees.

and she misses her husband so much to the point where she constantly brings him up on here and at Walmart. I'm not saying it's wrong to miss someone but it's wrong to take it out on other people.


"Like I said before, I do not think I am above anybody else. "

Then quit bringing up your husband's job every time you do not get your way.

Seriously you act like a five year old.

What does your husband's position have to do with the way you were treated. Judging from your review you are using his position to bully the employee around.


MrsLeah01 - I'm sure the co-manager was impressed after you told him your husband was a home office janitor.