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It hasn't been too bad shopping at Walmart since that last problem I had at Walmart store#100 in Bentonville, Ar(which I posted about on here a number of weeks ago). Yesterday unfortunately, I had another bad encounter.

This time at the WM store I have been shopping at closer to where I live in Springdale, AR, which has also shown a lot better service than store 100 up until yesterday. There was a recent ad in the newspaper from WM for a 3 piece patio set from Hometrends on sale for $120.00(regular $200). But when I got there yesterday to pick it up, the price had gone back up to the regular price. I went and told the girl and CSM at the Garden checkout about it.

They said the sale ended the day before. Well first of all, the reason I didn't get the ad in time was because my newspaper carrier had missed my house for 2 days in a row when the sale was being advertised. Long story short, I finally got fed up and called into the newspaper office I had them bring me that day and the previous days papers too(this was friday). Apparently the ad was in one of the previous days papers that I didn't get in time and I just got them mixed up, plus I should of got that paper on the correct days to begin with!!!

I didn't realize the ad had even expired until they told me about right there at the checkout, plus I had thought the sale was going to last a little more than just a couple of days anyway. I told them the situation and they still wouldn't let me have it at that price. I also told them my husband was a supervisor at the home office. After they still refused I finally got the store manager to come up, which turned out to be a co-manager who said the store manager was at stinking lunch!!


I ended up backing off on telling my husband about the last incident at store 100, but I have told him this time and have given them the names of all involved which I wrote down on a piece of paper before I left. I am starting to become ashamed my husband even works for Walmart!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Like I said before, I do not think I am above anybody else. I am just sick and tired of a Walmart being like it is and I would like to see some changes.

A lot of the associates don't care, and I do blame a lot of it on management over them. I would like to see my husband do something, but he isn't the head honcho over Walmart.

A lot of the heads over Walmart over the years has been corrupt as heck. One got convicted of a felony he committed as WM CEO.


I cant belive this. I though I was petty and complaining over nothing but this broad is an ***.

The ad was over plain and simple.. Just steal the thing good grief! Put it on a cart and just roll it out the door greeter smoked so much blow that he has no idea who he is.

I have rolled out tv sets, grocerys, and about everything in between. I never take cash to walmart.


"Okay, I am sick of this hate I get when I post here. I thought this was a place for consumers to complain about lousy service. I also don't apprecita this person who keeps commenting on my threads with a copy of my username and saying vile things"

Yeah this is a site to complain. But you are some nitwit that likes to use your husband's position of power to harass other people and treat his workers like ***. In one complaint you expected someone to get off their lunch break and help you because of your husband's position. There is sharing your stories about bad customer service and there is being a total b*tchy customer which you're doing. You think you are above everyone else because of your husband's job. I bet he is embarrassed to even step in that store you shop at because every time the workers see him they think, there is the husband of the wife that always throws a temper tantrum and when she does not get her way.

If you are going to act like a spoiled brat yeah people will make fun of you.

Also no one is impersonating you. They are just using your story about your arrogance of being having your husband work at Home Office and reading between the lines. What you are really trying to say is my husband works for home office. Kiss my *** or I will have him fire you.


". Well first of all, the reason I didn't get the ad in time was because my newspaper carrier had missed my house for 2 days in a row when the sale was being advertised. "

So you expect them at accommodate you because of this.

nikalseyn - You seem to give them a bad light because they fired you for "borrowing" a pen. And yeah this is the second complaint this lady wrote. This person thinks that because her husband works for home office they should role the red carpet whenever she enters. Remember the username.

Tell me if your husband works for home office why did you not know about the sale. Maybe because he was embarrassed and he did not want you to make a scene and use his name to get your way and throw a temper tantrum like you are a three year old. Maybe he hid the paper from you so you would not know about the sale because you already used his name and job once to throw a temper tantrum?

The real person who should be ashamed is your husband by having his wife throw a temper tantrum whenever she does not get her way. Then use his position of power to belittle and stomp over the employees. What did he say when you threw a temper tantrum like some three year old?


okay, I admit to posting as your name but because I think you deserve it. you're nothing but a dumb *** that just feels the need to nag about everything.

you must drive your husband nuts with your constant childish complaints. get over yourself lady and stop thinking you're above everyone at Walmart, or WM in your case because you're too lazy to type the whole name. and you need to stop using your husbands position to get your way. he has NOTHING to do with you buying something when you're by yourself at Walmart.

you are right about one thing though, other people do complain about Walmart. but 90% of those people have dumb complaints like you do.

you need to realize that Walmart is not responsible for your newspaper supplier taking too long to give you your newspaper with the ad in it. just because your dumb husband works for a Walmart office doesn't give you special privileges so PLEASE do us a favor and stop posting these stories for attention or whatever the reason is because all you're doing is making yourself look like a ***.


I also don't think I am better than the associates at WM. I also witness lousy service in Walmart all of the time with other people.

I read all of the complaints from other WM customers on here as well. I don't work for WM myself and I expect to be treated like every other customer there. The only difference is that I have a husband who works as a supervisor at the home office.

I try to use that in hopes of improving things at WM. I would think a lot of customers would appreciate that.


Yes I am talking about you MrsLea01 from Boyertown, Pennsylvania. Stop using my name and trying to impersonate me. Thank you


Okay, I am sick of this hate I get when I post here. I thought this was a place for consumers to complain about lousy service. I also don't apprecita this person who keeps commenting on my threads with a copy of my username and saying vile things.


and I see that you're another *** that uses too many smiley faces and doesn't know good grammar. well "Me" I'm sure you're just another Walmart employee that is attempting to make fun of me or tell what I can and can't do. well I won't take that.


I see your another BORED *** THAT THINKS YOUR FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin


okay guys I realize that this was probably the fault of the newspaper company. but I lied because I brought in the old ad on purpose so I could try to get the patio set for a lower price.

I threatened to tell my husband but they still didn't let me do it. since my husband works at a higher place in Walmart, I should be entitled to treat these peasants however I want!!! THEN they accuse me of stealing. I simply walked out with a couple of chairs for my old patio.

I was just trying to borrow them for a party this weekend when I was going to get drunk in our hot tub and pool with a few buddies of mine while my husband is at work, don't tell him though. I was going to bring the chairs back and I tried explaining to the minimum wage losers that my husband is above them and will get them fired but they still wouldn't let me take the chairs to my car. so I got sent to jail but my husband bailed me out. I told him what happened and he disagreed with me!

he said this his job does not include borrowing supplies from Walmart or getting prices lowered with old ads.

now I'm stuck with an old patio. oh and my husband told me that he doesn't like me mentioning his name all of the time. well *** him! he can sleep on the couch for a few weeks while I bring my men up to the bed instead.

I think tomorrow, I'm going to go to Walmart and take some "free" food samples because I feel like I have the authority to. I think it's about time I use my husband's position to get what I want and NO cheap Walmart employee is going to stop me.

and I hate you people that commented on this, you think you're better than me. losers.


I'm sure that your husband doesn't appreciate you dropping his name every time you don't get your way at a Walmart store. You say you thought the sale would last longer, do you not read the expiration dates listed in the ad?

As others have stated, it isn't the store's fault the newspaper company failed to deliver your papers. Why haven't you posted a complaint about them?


This complaint is NOT written by the wife of a WalMart employee of any rank!! No one could possibly be this *** or lacking in common sense. It is probably written by someone who wants to show WalMart in a bad light---not to say WalMart is not a totally corrupt entity---but I see an agenda here.


I worked at this Walmart in Bentonville, AR. Trust me, plenty of the wives of Walmart execs who shopped there were horrible like the OP.


You are an idiot1 The sale was over, not walmarts fault you got the ad late!


I guess you are entitled to special perks since husband works at corporate. NOT. Maybe he should ditch you.