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We (my daughter a minor) received a perscription for contacts. Walmart without notice stated that script for contacts had run out.

That we had to pay another $79 dollars before we could get contacts. No other optical firm in this area practices this practice. Is it lawfull to hold a gun to the consumers head for this service??????

I asked the manager of the store and he stated if I did not like the service then to take my business elsewhere. This consumer feels as though he and his daughter have been ripped off.

I would appreciate someone's reply!

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Saint Michael, Minnesota, United States #4007

Contact lens prescriptions are good for one year from the date of exam. All optometrists put a 1 year expiration date on them.

It is illegal to fill an expired RX. Contact lenses are considered medical devices, and an expired contact script is no different than a medication that you have an RX for, meaning that the pharmacy will not just keep refilling it for you, when it expires, you need to go to your doctor and have them write you a new script. Same thing with contacts, you need a yearly eye exam to determine that there have not been any changes in the Rx or the size and shape of the eye. This happens frequently with teens..they grow, the eye also grows and the fit of the contacts can change.

Why isn't it your responsibility to know when your daughter is due for a new exam? Bottom line, no one is at fault here but you.......

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