Richardson, Texas

When shopping at Walmart I have found that the workers there are rude and they are not very helpful. One Christmas I went in to buy a bike for an angel tree child and I asked the cashier for a gift receipt.

She said that I was suppose to tell her before she scanned items and that it was too late. I told her it was a gift and she said how was she suppose to know that.

This is with a rude attitude so I snipped back, well did you think this bike was for me? Clearly she was in the wrong but refused to admit it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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I thought the gift receipts were automatically generated and given.. or maybe that was Target, who are far superior to Walmart anyway.


Shut up, you *** ***.


You know what I have been reading these complaints, and it seems like this is happening. Most of the comments are from the person who wrote this letter.

She does not have a husband in her last response she replied as her husband as if she were replying herself.

If she has issues like was stated, well that that is not our problem. However it seems like she is the one with the issue and I noticed that as soon as she realised she messed up with her last post she stopped coming here.


You have some nerve making fun of my wife for her disorder. You sound like the white trash people that I worked with at wal-mart.


Is your wife suggesting that one person is posting under different names to make herself feel better. I guess her psychological problems can make her feel like that.

That way she only thinks one person does not like her. However if she does not change her attitude she will not be liked by others. She has more psychological problems than post stress depression or whatever you called it. She has psychological problems.

Maybe that is why she takes her anger out on other. She should know it is her not others that are the problem. Maybe if she were not arrogant and took her head out of the clouds once in a while she would have empathy. So much for taking a long time to reply.

I guess for someone with psychological problems like your wife you five minutes without human contact is a long time. If your wife did not have such a big head than perhaps she would get the help she needed, however I think the help she needs is beyond any walmart employee. I think it is even beyond what a shrink can do to help her.

Since her head is so big why not use her as a float in the Christmas parade. Her head seems big and full of hot air anyway with her latest reply of how she treated an employee who gave her a Christmas gift.


I know that I said I would stop posting, but what right does Jason have to tell me to stop posting. Want to know how cheap employees in this company are. I will let you know. On Christmas Eve about five years ago I was terminated. I was one of the few people working there who was not a high school dropout or some white trash worker that was pregnant at 13. One of my co workers gave me a Christmas card as a gift with a 57 cent chocolate bar. I was so insulted and appauled by this cheap gift that I tore the card(it was a cheap dollar store card) up and threw it in her case telling her that I do not accept cheap gifts. I guess she must have been one of those young mothers because she was hurt. Someone that did not like me (because they know that I am oly here for a short time)told manager, and I was terminated because I was using bad language towards some cheap white trash worker. I let her know that she was white trash and a cracker. They said I was using racist terms against another emplyee. I admit I am not very nice when people make me angry and you can see why I am not happy with this company. I was just doing this job to pay for college while most of the workers were there to pay for their children which they should have never brought into the world. True I was never a cashier and I refused to learn cash. The cashier that was rude to me was working there when I was there. She is the *** that got me fired. I bet she is white trash 22 year old with a ten year old. She and her coworker are rude and always.

I have some people at my current place that are not happy with my attitude, but they are all probably white trash crackers.

Anyways I keep coming back to my letters to see what people are typing and you are all as small minded as the white trash people I worked with.


I see you have not stopped responding. First of all I never said I was a lawyer.

I said that I am going to take legal action if you keep harassing my wife. Second you all should know my wife is suffering from post tramatic depression. She started crying when she read the rude responses. I don't know if it is a coincidence, but the replies are around the same time.

I had to tell my wife that only one person is making these responses to make her feel better as she was crying when she read your responses.

Shame on you all. You should know that the world is not topsy turvy for everyone.


So much for not posting, now you have your husband defending you and all this time I thought you were some little boy. Tell your husband he is a bad lawyer because you can't sue us for harassment.


Seriously if you are going to be negative stop posting.


Don't you all have better things to do than to attack this person. She has every right to make a letter and you are all bashing her. I am sure you all had difficulties at one point.


My wife wrote this letter because she was unhappy with the way she is treated by rude cashiers. Both my wife and I are well off and better than these people.

Usually people hired in retail and fast food are high school dropouts. They either drop out because school is too hard for them, or because they need money because they got pregnant before marriage. I suspect that the rude cashier one of these people. They are rude and take their anger out on ohhers because they are unhappy with their own lives.

True my wife was rude to them, but they deserve rude treatment if they can't even finish high school or wait to get pregnant after marriage.

Please do not respond to my wife's letters. If you respond anymore to my wife's letters I will be taking legal action, for harassment. Stop this nonsense. My wife and I would never give to charity.

It was my wife's company. Why should we give to those less fortunate than us. It is their parents responsibility to provide for them, not ours. If they are too busy getting pregnant before they can afford children we should not have to pay for their Christmas.

My wife's company is providing for these destitutes for tax returns. SHAME on all of you. You don't understand what the world is like. You are probably a bunch of white trash people that get pregnant way too young and can't afford to take care of your chldren.

That is why you rely on other's to give them Christmas gifts. Shame on all of you. Anyways my wife just posted her last comment so please don't reply. Please let this matter drop.

Also please get decent jobs so you can take care of your children and provide for them. Don't count on others do do this for you.


Don't you have better things to do? Why are you all bashing against the person posting the complaint? Why can't you all be nicer to her.


I see that you are still responding. Well I don't know if you are one person.

I still suspect that only one person is typing this, however whether you are one person or not I have to say, you are narrow minded, and pigheaded. Now I have marked my email for this site as spam, however I wanted to see if any of you small minded individuals wrote any more comments and low and behold I got another comment from this letter. Anyways this is my last comment on this letter.

Don't expect me to reply to you slow little minded people. BTW, I bet I make more money than all of you do.


Okay if it will make this baby feel better we will lie and say that we are the same person. This little kid just can't understand that others disagree with her.

We see it all the time with little kids, they make up lies to make themselves feel better. Okay little boy you are right everyone else is wrong.


This is slightly amusing, but I am now updating my account to stop receiving emails about this post. By the way--next time you post you may want to wait a while before reposting under a different name.

Ironic how all these different replies appear within minutes of eachother. Do you even understand the statistics of that randomly occuring on various occassions? You are the same foolish person posting and just for your info--I own that corporation. I also could care less how selfish you think I am; the great thing about this site is I can call anyone a trashy, uneducated, ignorant person without worrying about it affecting my company's reputation.

As for corporations making large charitable contributions; here is a reality check for your young, naive mind--tax break.

Now, rest assured that any and all further comments will fall on deaf ears as this site's emails have now been spammed and I do not expect to come back. Next time you feel like insulting someone remember that some people do not care about being seen as maternal or nice.


sweaty - the reason that people are posting on your letter is because once someone replies to this letter it comes up on top. You may not like other people's comments but that does not mean they have a life.

One can say you don't have a life because you kept replying to your letter. One can say you only come to defend your letter.

I suggest if you do not like other people's replies you either grow tougher skin or don't come here. When you write a letter you should expect both positive and negative replies.


We have too much time on our hands look at you, you come back every day to defend yourself. Most people only come here once.

You are the one that has too much time on your hands. Thanks for clearing things up, I was wondering how you would be thoughtful sending a gift to someone else. It was not your idea it was your company's idea. You would never think of others.

I am glad you do not have any children why you are a big child yourself. You are younger than ghostbuster. Children should not be having children. We are regular members of this site we go to letters of every company.

Seriously when you turn 12 come back to this site. If our comments offend you cry to mommy little boy.


The angel tree gift (bike) was an add on from our corporation and with the money left over we decided a bike would be nice. At the time I did not have a child so I wanted the people at the toy bank to be able to exchange it if needed.

I normally do not shop at Walmart so I did not know to ask for a gift receipt. Most places I shop for ask or give a gift receipt at the end of the original. I was there and I know that the cashier was rude. My comment on this site was suppose to show up as a neutral.

Eitherway I do not shop there anymore and the rest of you really do have too much time on your hands.

I left the default to be alerted when comments were posted on this review; what is your reason for searching this out? Do you guys just go around searching Walmart reviews for fun?

@Angel Tree

Nope you seem to be mistaken here, telling you "no" is not the same as being rude.


Seriously I really think the person writing the letter is between 9-11 and needs his mommy and daddy to remind him to ask for a gift receipt when purchashing gifts. Someone older than 11 would know to do that.