Richardson, Texas

When shopping at Walmart I have found that the workers there are rude and they are not very helpful. One Christmas I went in to buy a bike for an angel tree child and I asked the cashier for a gift receipt.

She said that I was suppose to tell her before she scanned items and that it was too late. I told her it was a gift and she said how was she suppose to know that.

This is with a rude attitude so I snipped back, well did you think this bike was for me? Clearly she was in the wrong but refused to admit it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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I am reading this letter and it sounded like both the cashier and unhappy were acting like little children. I am surprised the manager did not sit them in time out chairs and seperate them. You are right a gift receipt is common sense, I am not calling you childish for that. I am calling you childish for being snippy. And you both were wrong because you did not ask for a gift receipt and her for not asking if you wanted one for the bike. Then again the bike could have been a gift for your own child and if it was not working or the right size you could have used the original receipt to return the bike. You are the one lacking common sense by not asking for a receipt.. However I must say you are both acting childishly. I am just waiting for a "she started it" reply from you. Hey who knows since you were acting like a child perhaps she thought the child's bike was for you. Than again she too was acting like a child so perhaps she thought you would give her the child's bike after work. Also people who comment about white trash people having children at a12 generally are not happy with their sex lives. That could also be the reason the cashier was a ***. Seriously I am 12 and I am not white trash and getting girls pregnant. Just one question are you black because generally "white trash" is a racist blacks use towards whites if they are racist.

Anyways the next time you get into her like and the two of you yell at each other I am going to seperate you and put you in time out chairs.

Also someone needs to wash your mouth with soap, and the cashiers too depending on what words were exchanged. She could have been politer to you but looks like you too don't like to admit you are wrong.


A gift reciept may be common sense, but it is also common sense for someone to ask for a gift receipt if they are giving a gift. Why are you buying things for Angel Tree.

Is it to make you feel better after walking all over people. Hate to say it but after reading your comment to MIT, you sound rude yourself, so I guess you get what you give. Now please don't tell me that you are a registered nurse and have a right to get preferred treatment and walk all over those less better than you.

Since you are not a cashier, let me tell you how it works, once your transaction is complete as someone else said they can't give you a gift card. As a gift giver it is your responsibility to ask for one BEFORE the purchase.

Like MIT and Jason said how are they to know that you are intending to give this as a gift. True at Christmas time lots of people buy gifts, but than again they also buy things for themselves. I feel sorry for those that have to put up with you.

I am a fourth grade teacher and we are teaching our children to be good citizens. Something your teachers failed to teach you.


Youre right MIT--maybe a 22 yr old has a 10 yr old child in your white trash world. You are right I am not a cashier, and I'm sorry if this comment offended your Walmart working ***.

A gift receipt at Christmas time is common sense; which is why most competent cashiers ask.

What is sad is that you two actually get on this site looking at Walmart reviews. Get a real job--or better yet an actual career.

@Not a cashier

None of these comments affected anyone. It is common sense to know to ask for a gift receipt.

Most people who want a gift receipt have the common sense to ask for it, at least most people over the age of seven do.

If the person is going to not ask for a gift receipt and blame the cashier for not reading her mind she will get called on it. Anyone over the age of seven would have known the cashier is not a mind reader and that they should ask for a gift receipt, anyone over the age of seven would not mistake being told no as rudeness when the fault was theirs.


Looks like thnis little boy need his mommy in the store to remind the cashier about the to put it as a gift receipt before buying the bike. MIT, I know that you encounter customers all the time who are rude but no need to belittle an eleven year old.

He's only nine and that is why he did not get ask for a gift receipt. If he had been older he would have had the common sense to know that once a purchase is complete that you can't change the way it is charged so he must be eleven.


Clearly, you've never had a cashier job at some *** store. We DO have to enter the gift reciept requirement before the transaction has gone through.

She couldn't have known that the bike was for someone else.

She's not psychic, you ***. Maybe it was for your kid or something.