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I shopped Walmart in Chardon Ohio store last evening, May 1,2010. Check out time was at 8:00PM.

Our bill came to over $150 which was in food and other items. Upon arriving at the checkouts, I was amazed how many people were in the lines to check out. There was two registers open for small order and only three regular checkouts. Each checkout had at least eight people in line all with large orders.

I observed the operation very closely as I stood at the front lines looking for anyone in charge. There was clearly no manager around to talk to. Finally I went to the customer service desk and that person was busy as well. Upon asking a cashier who was cleaning the checkout belt, if she was going to open, she told me it was her time to leave.

That is very understandable. People should leave when their work schedule is complete. However, there should be someone to come take their place when the store is obviously busy. I feel 8:00 is a very busy time.

Finally I see someone ready to open and I asked her if she was going to and she said yes. I called my wife to that register and we finally were able to checkout. We were told they were scrambling around looking for employees who knew how to ring register. Then this female employee who I assumed must have been either a manager or customer service person was running around the front end after she saw what a mess it was.

At another register was a woman and her small kids who needed some help with her purchases to her car. She had many bags and a card table. They couldnt find anyone to help her but finally after awhile someone did.

This is very bad for business of course. I have to wonder if I will even shop that store again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Clearly, based on the fact that all cashiers were very busy, they were all doing their best to lower lines. Then, by your own account, someone opened a register and rang you out, even helpfully explaining the situation.

A manager came to the front to assist further, as you've stated, and based on the fact that it was busy I see no reason to be surprised that it took a short while for a customer to receive help with a carry-out. I see nothing that occurred as "bad for business."

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