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I was reading a review on here about Walmart. It seems that there are many complaints about the corporation.

Cashiers are rude, the stores are dirty, the employees are racist and rude, and the list goes on ad nauseam. For every complaint that the consumer has, I can only imagine that the employees of Walmart have just as many complaints. When I was in high school I worked at a Walmart one summer. The stories you hear on the news about them making you clock out and go back to work are true.

The store I worked at wasn't open 24 hours. We would stand outside waiting for the manager on duty to show up and unlock the store. We were on time yet, we had to clock in when the manager showed up, late and we didn't get credit for being on time. They treat their employees like dirt.

When your work environment is unhappy, it shows. I was lucky. I could afford to quit because I was only a 16 year old at the time. There were people who had families to support and had no choice.

They had to stay and take it. Walmart preys on the uneducated and the meek. Cut them some slack.

Nobody is forcing anyone to shop a Walmart. If you hate it, stop shopping there and ***

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Walmarts are better in the south. Local northern officials always crap talk the truth speakers of Waukegan Walmart.

Walmart is mismanaged and over priced like all across Illinois. Politics is downhill, store employees are not happy or greet customers or help find items like store in the south do


The reason that people act rudely towards customers is because of people like neno85 whose parents failed to teach him to act like a respectful human being.


Kmart is the exact same way in my town. I worked there part time for 2 years and I could go on and on with horror stories about that place.

It was a degrading and demeaning place to work, but we needed the pitiful pay I made to help with the bills.

When my back went out and they would not follow my doctor's note to allow me to sit at my register every 30 minutes (pregnant women sit at their registers all day) and would not allow me a 15 minute break because they were too busy, I finally gave up, clocked out, and went home as soon as my back would allow me to walk. There are so many wonderful employees there who are "stuck" with the job because of these sucky economic times, but the management there have no clue how to motivate or support their employees to make it a better place to work.


It doesn't matter what kind of work environment your in, its called respect! If you can't work your job in a proper manor then don't work at all.

If your not being treated right, get another job, or get an education to get a better job.

People make to many excuses its sick! If I walk into a walmart and a worker treats me like *** just because they hate their job, thats not my fault, and be sure i'll give them 10 times more ***.


You really think that it is just that easy to quit, find another job or go back to school? Maybe you need to put yourself in other people's shoes.

You sound like one of those picky, uptight people that gripe and complain no matter how you are treated. You are one of the reasons why WM people do hate their jobs.