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I AM TIRED OF GOING TO WALMART AND THEY KEEP RIPPING PEOPLE OFF EVERY TIME I GO IN THE STORE THEY OVER CHARGE ME.ON JUNE 6 2011 I BOUGHT DOG FOOD FOR $19.88 plus tax and they charged me $81.99 on my debit card and now i cant get my money back. also a few days before mothers day i bought flowers on sale, took them to my mom and 1 out to camp and on the flower pot it says $8.99 they charged me $12.00 for each one and i had to fight to get my $10.00 back

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Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States #793589

Yes I have heard this walmart has people that will over charge to the money in their pockets. It's the worse customer service I have ever seen.

I have been to many walmarts across the the country. This one is the worst. The employees do not care about customers. They act like you are bugging them if you ask for help.

No one is ever around to help.

I just think they need to be investigated.

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