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Bad Walmart experience:

For as long as I can remember I have always made my purchases at Walmart for the low prices and selection of products they offer. The other day I shopped around store to store looking for a futon I liked and ended up purchasing one at walmart for $119.00 a bit more than I wanted to spend but I went for it anyways. 3 weeks later that same futon went on sale for 89.00. I went into the store to try and get the 30.00 back as a courtesy credit for the price difference since walmart is so big on advertising there prices matches and things of that nature. I was informed by the customer service employee, customer service manager and General manager that I could not get the difference in price since it was over 7 days but what I could do is bring the futon back (take it apart) and repurchase it for the 30.00 credit. So I calmly proceeded to tell the GM that this was not a toaster we were talking about but a piece of furniture, then I showed the GM my receipts for my recent purchases at walmart that added up to over 800.00 in the past month or so (and that was just the receipts I could find). She insisted this did not matter and basically told me there is nothing she can do. I dont understand how a store policy will allow me to return an item since I am within that time frame but will not allow me to get my price difference with just the receipt and how I could be treated so poorly at a store I consistantly shop at an am loyal to.

I even wrote corporate and got a generic response on store policy even though I linked my receipt numbers and amounts of the receipts. I know $30.00 is not a lot of money but in this economy everything adds up and a growing company such as walmart is now simply dismissing its customers who have been loyal shoppers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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You know, the same exact thing has happened to me before. I've bought things and soon after the price goes down.

I want to tell you I DID NOT act the same as you. I said to myself "S***, I should have waited a little while longer to buy it".

I would never consider whining and crying to get money I didn't deserve! Grow the F up!!

Mount Sinai, New York, United States #333124

It's a freakin' cheap Walmart futon, not a grand piano you lazy kunt! Take it apart and return it if you want your measly $30. You lazy scummers are too much!


EVERYONE, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE WHITE AND BLACKS ARE CHECKING YOU OUT At wal-mart. the price for an item will be at least a dollar more than on the shelf.

this is immediately rectified with no questions asked, that is if you check your receipt.

i imagine the manager gets a cut of this money as well as the checker. is this illegal?


Oh, and ha-ha, I'm pretty sure that $30 (or 30 $, if that's easier for you to understand) is, in fact, "a money."

Hahahahah, wow, you're hilarious. Your name, I mean.

I'm just appreciating your name.

It's so funny. Must have taken you a long time to come up with something so clever.


$30 is a significant amount of money to some and to those who don't consider it to be a lot of money it is the principle of the thing that actually matters.

I would think that individuals such as yourself (who obviously learned their alphabets and grammar from a daily dose of Alphabets cereal) might appreciate that the general worth of any denomination of money is a matter of perspective (feel free to google the embryonic concepts beyond your painfully diminutive mental facilities) but taking the time to call someone with a legitimate claim an "AS-HL" is incredibly "ID-I-OC"

Do me a favor, take a day off to educate yourself. Think of and answer nothing but rhetorical questions. You'll feel smarter for knowing all the right answers and, lets face it, everyone you associate with could use the vacation from your staggering intellect (you do know the meaning of sarcasm, right)?

You are living proof that ignorance isn't bliss and that berating an "AS-HL" of your staggeringly brilliant genius is still fun despite being a little too easy.




shop with your feet... don't buy at Walmart.

was your check not enough to cover this??? maybe you should have sold some sperm to fay for it if you couldn't afford it :cry :cry :cry :cry

WalMart is a funny Company. They have a great angle that they are everwhere and because they do have lower prices we have to go to them when we make large purchases. I get a kick out of how none of their associates nor Managers will acknowledge you ever while shopping and spending money with them, but the vests they wear say "How may I HELP you on their back as they are walking away from you....


I am always happy. Life is great.

Thanks for the comment again. You have such a great perspective on things.


I am just always happy. You are right. Thanks for continuing to comment...

Wow you know what your right. I do always get my way.

You guys are making some great points..

Thanks a bunch. :)
see this lady gets it she says I am special and I should have the rules bent for me. Im glad you understand.

On Subject - No longer upset with walmart since I got my money back and then some :)

Please feel free to continue posting on this issue and w/e else you guys are having issues with.

This really isnt even an interesting subject so I dont understand why so many of you are continuing to comment, I guess everyone is just out to prove someone wrong for things that dont even really matter and in that case i dont really care if all of you want to say I am wrong or say w/e because 90 percent of you know that if you were in a similar situation you would react pretty much the same to some extent (this is not to open another debate) cause if you insist you wouldn't react the same than your really just lying to yourselves. Cause no one likes to get *** over.

@helpful, that's actually a pretty good idea , probably would have saved me some time in the long run.

Thanks for actually commenting on my issue btw, almost like pulling teeth have anyone stay on the subject apparently.


Next time, purchase a new futon in the garden dept. Then wheel it right around to customer service and return it using your original $119 receipt.

Problem solved!

Think out of the box....



They are not accounts you just type the name in the name line but w/e.

Think what you want lol.. Im not that bit into arguing and insulting myself.. that would be a little weird.

And that was what I pointed out btw that someone wrote as Tasha saying they were not tasha. Either way this entire blog is going in a completely different direction since someone decided it would be funny to write as us.

Gotta say, whoever you are you confused the *** out me and are now making the other readers a bit paranoid . Gratz on reaching your goall


It even says no "Tasha and I are not the same person" And that post says it is written by Tasha.

Nice try but that doesnt really make sense.


I am the one who has been writing as "walmart" from the beginning, and gotta say, I didnt write the last couple posts.

This just keeps getting better and better lol.

Someone is apparantly confused. Or trying to confuse us.


Once again your response is so original. Do you even have any other thoughts or is your brain only capable of one type of insult.

And dont dish it out if you cant handle it. I have been calm in all my responses just stating the facts.

All you do in your responses is refer to the age of a person as if that is some type insult.

All I can do is laugh at your ridiculous attempts to hurt my feelings.

PS Only being a *** to you.. not the other peoples responses

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