I as a customer called to speak to an employee "Jeremias", who helped me while previously shopping at your store located in Woodbridge, NJ, to thank him for helping me with his service, as well, as my appreciation on finding the right materials for a deep stain I had on my carpet. I have spoke to a customer service representative named Margie who told me she wasn't allowed to transfer personal phone calls.

I am really disappointed on Margie's customer service. I as a customer was impressed with the service and attention I received in the store until I called your customer service representative, Margie.

Margie answered the phone with no energy and respect for me as a customer. I personally felt and believe I was not valued as a customer.

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thats not walmarts policy. even though it is written in the handbook of the managers that employees don't matter....the customers do.

and why margie was being like that blows my mind.

walmart just sucks anyway.....and the only people that work there now mostly are teenagers and old people that are bored on retirement. so good luck if you decide to go back.


If thats Walmarts policy then thats their policy. Deal with it and stop crying like a big baby.

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