Apollo, Pennsylvania

When I went threw the express line at Walmart, my first thought was that my cashier was a little overly friendly. She was way too much

of a chatterbox and way unprofessional. When it came to paying, I said I was paying with credit and wanted cash back. She said okay

and before I knew it, the receipt was already out. I had signed, but there was no option for cash back. When I brought this up to the

cashier, she claimed there was nothing she could do unless I brought somethingelse. At this point I had enough and stormed out without

my receipt. I just delt with a very *** cashier.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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You stormed out. What are you like four.

No matter what people in retail do someone will complain.

If they are not friendly and talk to their customers people complain they are anti social, if they do talk people claim they should not be talking to customers. There is no way to read the customers mind and *** you if you make the wrong choice.


You poor thing, you had a FRIENDLY cashier? OH GOD WHY?!?!

Shut up and stop complaining, you sound like a ***.

Also, if you think you can get cash back on credit (unless your credit card has that option, which most of them don't) you've been living under a rock for the past 30 years. Good day!


I agree. so many cry babbies in this world. Most of these problems are caused by ourselves


You can get cash from your Walmart Credit Card. I use self serve and it always asks if I want cash back.


Actually I have seen people get cash back on a credit card at a Walmart. It is only certain cards.

But it is the customer's responisibility to know if they can do that with their card. If you want cash back, either do debit or use a check.


In order to get cash back you must use debit! I deal with people like you all day.

If you wanted to get cash back so much, buy a pack of gum and use a debit card!

I hate people like you, in a rush to go no where, funny thing is, your the one who looks like an ***. BTW, go *** yourself.

Have a nice day. :(


Agreed, bsadvisory.


You can ONLY get cash back on DEBT cards. For you to have gotten cash back you would have had to entered a pin number. It's not the Casheer's or Walmart's falut, They have no control over that the CREDIT CARD COMPANY told the regester what kind of card you have.


Honestly,it sounds like you were the one at fault. I was a cashier back in my college days,and ran into people like you all the time.

Never pleased,always griping.

And we weren't allowed to give cash back on a credit card. Did you mean debit card?


To be honest with you,and I could be wrong,but you actually sound like a douche-bag to me.