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And Walmart told us we had to Pay for all the medical bills. They would have no further dealings withus.

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My wife went into Walmart to get money from our bank inside. Upon entering she slipped, fell and broke her arm.

There was a puddle of water in front of the nail salon where they had spilled on of their buckets. No wet floor signs or anything in the area to warn of this either. One of the employees from the salon ran out and wiped up the water quickly and looked right at my wife. The employee obviously knew the water was there, because my wife had just fallen and she was there immediately.

My wife went to file a complaint with the manager on duty which happened to be one of the Asst managers. Nothing else heard from Walmart for almost five weeks. We contacted an attorney. Walmart refused to produe any security tapes with the footage where my wife had fallen.

Walmart say they could not produce one. The *** attorney dropped our case and Walmart gets off scott free again. Stick it to the consumer.

Figured that would be the case from the corporate GIANT Walmart. The little man gets screwed again!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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First Born Triplet

I hate it when people are careless and try to sue big companies. They are not responsible for your wife because she is not watching where she was going.

How about your wife taking personal responsible for not watching where she was going.

Obsticles are everywhere, you cannot sue people because you and your wife are careless they owe you nothing. How would you feel if someone got injured at your house and tried to sue you?


I agree with Sasha. if something accidental happens, only selfish people immediately think is sue.

as soon as your wife fell, you probably were thinking of puddles of money.. not about if your wife was hurt or not. from what your story tells us, it sounds like she was just fine.

how do you know another customer didn't make that puddle just a couple minutes ago but no one saw it yet? your wife sure didn't see it right away.


Would you sue the city if your wife slipped in a puddle on the street? Would you sue your friend if your wife slipped in spilt water in the kitchen at your friend's house?

No! But slip in a store and might as well try to sue. I'm glad you haven't gotten a penny.

Maybe watch where you're walking next time, like a normal person. A walmart employee didn't push your wife down, own up to your own mistakes.


They are required to keep security tapes , what should have happened is a call to 911 an cops and fire are to come out an the cops would grab the tapes from the security room . I have done store security as well as ATF and US customs as well as chicago PD and that is how we handle it here .

That way the store cant refuse or loose the tapes.

We just got one walmart on the south side of the city but we deal with the Niles police and other towns often an the walmart chain does try this often, they cover up spills an their negligence often . Its like that they want people to fall an then cover it up. Its cheaper to hire people to do a hakf assed job then to pay them fully an get a job down correctly . Also I been in the security rooms in Walmarts often an been told by many emplokyees there that Walmart tells its employees to use public aid for its insurance plan.

Have you ever wondered why theres so many on Public aid , well thats why .

Wal mart feels that they are above the law an that the states public aid is their insurance plan . they dont have to pay for it an yet the employees get coverage at our cost

to M Great Falls, Montana, United States #1213120

I doubt the police would have been able to do anything if Walmart didnt WANT them to since its considered private property. Its then considered a civil matter.


Sorry your wife was hurt, but it is a bad sign when the attorney quits the case. Have you tried another attorney?

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