Dallas, Texas

so tell me why i was iup in the bathroom at walmart and this employee did not wash her dang hands. after she done picked at her nose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so discusted and i asked her where she worked at she had said in the bakery department. i said why dont u wash your hands thats so nasty!!! you should know better. plus u picked at ur nose.

like what is wrong with peopel these days.

she ended up washing her hands but i propmise i will not go to the bakery there again. i told the manager and she had a talk with her but still.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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so.. you yelled at her before she even left the bathroom but she washed her hands anyway?

how did you know that she wasn't going to? while I admit that the woman sounds disgusting, you're disgusting too with how dumb you talk.


Also you said she did end up washing her hands, what are you on crack. How could she have not washed her hands if she did wash her hands. Did you even give her a chance?


Learn how to spell and people may actually take you serously.


i lied about her i only wanted her fired because i hate her in real life.


If this is true, it is disgusting and I wouldn't shop there either knowing that.


Can't you find something better to do than tattle-tale about some person not washing their hands? Here's something - pick up a 2nd Grade grammar book!!


Go back to school and learn how to write.