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Every time I go into the Walmart in Sevierville, something happens that makes my blood boil! I will give you the 2 worst incidences.

I was returning a pair of pants that did not fit my son. I had misplaced the receipt, but was just going to swap sizes. I walked just to the end of the mat at the front door, then remembered I had to check the item with the door greeter. She refused to check it "because she saw me come from inside the store".

Again, I only got to the end of the mat at the front door, didnt even hit the tile yet. I went to customer service, told them what happened with the door greeter, but luckily they exchanged the pants. I was just beyond irate with the door greeter accusing me of stealing.

I went to the pharmacy one day to fill my son:s medication because I knew that they carried the generic.

I was told it would be about 45 mins. I did some shopping and checked back after about an hour. I was told it would be another 15 mins. When they finally called me up, they said they were out.

I threw a fit that they wasted over an hour of my time!!!!

Needless to say, I didnt but anything! Avoid at all costs!

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Jedi Knight Ethan

I agree and if you are this upset because of a mistake the store made, I would hate to see how your handle mistakes your son makes. I have concerns about his safety when he is alone with you.


anonymous, chill out. you take everything way too personally.

and if you're as psychotic in real life as you sound like in your posts, please see someone before you eventually hurt someone.

as for the original poster, Walmart always makes mistakes. but then again, I'd be stressed and make mistakes too if I had to work at such a busy store with barely any employees working.

the greeter made a mistake and the pharmacy was out of what you needed. it's not like they were trying to *** over.


Sounds like a personal problem.

Not trying to be "mature" here, pal. :p :p
Just waiting!

..... :grin :grin

Also throwing a fit, very mature behaviour.

Hey liars - Whoa, let me get this straight. :eek :eek
You won't log off with a "cyberstalker" after each of you AND you are adding false accusations about my work history to the mix? Brillant!! :p
Gotten any calls very recently? :x
Sure, I'll wait .......
:roll :roll

Well following people from post to post, you have no life anonymous. Why not tell everyone how you hate Target because they fired you.


If you're that unhappy with Walmart, you don't have to shop there. No one is twisting your arm.

Where did people shop before Walmart? There're always understaffed. But we know that when we go in.

So deal with it and be patient, or go somewhere else. Personally, I don't won't to stand in line behind you crybabies, while you're on your cell phones cying about the service


On further contemplation of the allegations made by Jedi Ethan and now Funny about stalking, it makes me wonder.

First, I don't believe that Ethan or Funny or anyone else on this site is 13 years old. Those supposed facts are just ludicrous and ridiculous.

Now, going to the deep side of their assertions, assume for just a fleeting second that these statements are remotely possibly true. Hasn't anyone ever told these people that if they feel threatened on the computer, they should LOG OFF???????

I am going to address Ethan and Funny directly. If either of you believe that stalking is going on here on this site, call the FBI and the police. Are you so st_pid that you would accuse people of a potential crime and keep posting to them? There are agencies in USA and Canada that protect children from cyberstalkers. None of you can be so ignorant in today's world not to know this! Seriously, if you are scared enough or big enough or troubled enough to mention our motives being unlawful, do something about it. Log off, tell your parents and call for law enforcement help if you REALLY believe your well being is in jeopardy by potential stalkers.

Remember - this challenge is a two way street!!! Be prepared to deal with the trouble that you brought upon yourself trying to bring trouble on us!!!!!!!!!!!

Every computer has an IP address.


No one accused you of stealing. If you know the procedures why not get the tag first thing when you went to the store.

The greeter is simply doing her job, and while you may not be stealing(or you claim this) she does not have to put a tag on just because you said you brought it in. Especially since you are not capable and responsible to take care of a receipt.

Instead of being angry at the store you should be thankful that they allowed you to make a return without a receipt. Don't blame the greeter for your lack of responsibility and your mistakes.

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