Kingstree, South Carolina
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Walmart treats its employees like *** low wages but a billion dollar company only pay you min. wage and force their workers to work like slaves I feel that the employees should get paid more than what they get.

And everyone human being deserves respect and I understand you are suppose to be tired when you leave a job but not so tired on your days off all you can do is sleep and you miss out on spending quaity time with your kids They do not like to get their employees any weekends off to spend with their family which sucks. Im pretty sure coporate are home with their spouse or kids on the weekend.

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I must agree with you. I know many people that work for Wal-Mart and I believe they would have a lot happier staff if they would pay a little more than they do AND do their schedules like Target does where they rotate their people giving them every other weekend off or every third weekend off.

Having been a retail manager myself for Target - Wal-mart and K-Mart....I must say that Target treated their people the best. Especially with the scheduling of their people. They were also very lenient with allowing the associates to swap shifts if needed for an emergency, just as long as coverage was there and no overtime came into play.

GOOD LUCK with your complaint.

It is very hard to get people to come together in such a big company and that is the main reason that there aren't any unions around anymore as well. :)