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I broke my fibula last year and had to have food and other produt delivred to my home because I could not drive because of my cast and the painkillers. I still have stuff delivered because it is cheaper then the grocery store.

I am having surgery on 10/6/2012 and will need items delivered again. For some reason, Walmart has deleted most of my items that they will delever to my house for no reason! Now I have to pay a service or grocery store a lot of money to get items delivered to my home again,I'll be wearing a cast again, I am upset that they are not able to deliver my stuff(freewith$45) . This hasn been slowly going on ffo Approx.9 months I have called them, and they have no answer,and they are far away from me.

Most of the other websites that deliver are full price items.

If anyone knows of a good cheap service, please call 516-766-2024. Thanks in advance, of my first surgery, Robin.

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There are a handful of stores around phoenix that deliver groceries as well as a small area in the chicago area. as for the deleted items, times change, I cant see them say deleting 50% of your items if you order 50 items, but if you select 10 items that are off the wall brands, sure, if they dont sell or cant meet the demand, they go out and bring in someone that can fill shelves


I wasn't aware that WalMart delivered groceries. As far as I know other products can be delivered but you have to order supplies that you need online.

For food, all states have something along the line of Meals on Wheels for senior citizens. You can get lunch and breakfast delivered for a reasonable donation. These are nutritious meals for a reasonable cost. Also don't you know anybody that could run errands for you?

I don't know if Meals on Wheels will temporarily deliver meals to other than Senior Citizens in a case like yours.

Also it isn't a real good idea to put your phone number on such a public site.


see other review with correct spelling, andnew question about other co if you know of any other ones to get delivered to my home in rockvile centre ,Long Island N.Y. 11550 Thank You m Robin Dobrinsky rfd0057@gmail.com