Flint, Michigan

I went to Walmart in Clio Michigan to buy food for my elderly parents.They are on a fixed income my father is also a veteran.I took competitors ads which Walmart say they match ads they did match some of the things. I also gave them coupons I had printed myself to save them money.

Before scanning the checker licked his finger and rub it on some of the coupons so they would not scan. Then they would not take them. I told him to call his manager .The manager was less than pleasant telling me I had to have all numbers on my coupons.I told her that I spend around a thousand dollars a month in that store she said she didn't care so I said you can keep this stuff, grabbed my coupons and left without paying for anything.

I went to the local VG'S supermarket they were happy to take the same coupons that Walmart would not . I know where I will be spending my money from now on .

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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