Kalamazoo, Michigan

i bought chicken dumpling progressive soup and it only had 2 pieces of chicken, 4 dumplings and the rest was nothing but chicken broth. very disappointed. i bought it at walmart on gull road in kalamazoo michigan my name is deborah ball my address is 5016 coopers landing dr. 1d kalamazoo mi 49004. i have always loved progressive lentil soup and the tomatoe basil so i thought i would try a new kindand it was aweful. i can by chicken broth for alot less money than progressive soup

and i was very pissed off. i can by chicken broth for alot less money than progressive soup

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What's wrong with you, call Progresso!


It's not progressive soup ( that's insurance.) it's progresso .which is a subsidiary of General Mills not Walmart. Ignorance is truly going to be the death of this country.


Are you nuts, Walmart does not can progresso soup. They sell it, seems like your frustration is directed at the wrong people here.

Buy you a can of broth and a can of chunk chicken and make your own if you can do better than progresso. Geez you people are angry at the world.


So why are you blaming WalMart? It isn't their problem, it is a problem for Progressive. Contact them.