Loretto, Tennessee
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last night Florance Alabama specials on tv & store totally bs ...rude workers rude customers and fire hazard people count were more dangerous then anything I have ever seen if their had been a fire it would of been totally unsafe for anyone to get out . Employees told people wrong line to be in after waiting 2 hours sent to other line where other employees told right line so missed out on tv then got card to not be able to put online due to suite problems the store was a total mess and unsafe all this for the ole mighty dollar yet with our economy the way it is we are forced to deal with these conditions if we want a good deal what a way to save money exactly rather sad state of affairs

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Deal.

Monetary Loss: $160.

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So it was so dangerous and such a fire hazard that you stayed there...Great move Miss Part of the Problem.


So what do you expect when they have these big holiday sales? Also most of the time they have a very limited number of the big sale items and it is first come first served.

The crowds are like that where ever they advertise black Thursday/Friday sales. Myself I would rather pay more and avoid the mobs.


I agree, but they still could prep the employees better and have more structure in their execution.