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I was in the automotive department where there was only one woman who appeared to be working. There was a man in front of me in line whom she was helping the manager then came out from a back room where I noticed other employees were goofing around.

Instead of helping me or asking one of the other employees to come out from the back he told me the woman should be with me soon. I ended up waiting a total of twenty minutes for the woman while the manager and other employees continued to sit in the back room. I asked her how long of a wait it would be to get my oil changed she told me twenty minutes so I handed her my keys. She then came back ten minutes later and told me that instead of it being a twenty minute late it would be an hour.

I proceeded to tell her I didn't have an hour to wait and asked her if I could just have my keys back, she then refused to give me my keys. I had to ask her a second time with more force to have my keys back she then finally gave me back my keys.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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!you talked to a WOMAN at walmart automotive????lol jk, they where likely all on there lunch break when you saw them and that's also why it would take them so long to get to your car