Cedar Rapids, Iowa

In Iowa for a family get together. We stopped by the Walmart at 3601 29th Ave.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404, to purchase some liquor. I am 37, and I was with my 57 yr old uncle, 21 yr old cousin & his 19 yr old girlfriend. The couple went off & purchased their items in a different part of the store, which left me & my 57 year old uncle to purchase the liquor. I got my ID ready to show, because I tend to get carded because I look young.

The cashier tells us she will not sell us the liquor until she sees the ID of the girl who was with us. We were a bit taken aback. You have 2 clearly over 21 year olds trying to purchase their liquor, & we are told this! I asked for a supervisor, & they backed up the cashier.

I asked to see their policy regarding this matter. Think about this for a minute. The girl with us was young enough to be my daughter! So, they 2 Walmart employees were telling a 57 & 37 year old we can not purchase liquor because of some girl we spoke to for 15 seconds by the check out line!

They kept saying they had to check her ID! Why?? Why did this lady think 2 old fogies were buying all this liquor for this 19 year old? She didn't even know if she was 19!

What if she was my daughter? She would need her ID? What if I had my 10 year old with me, they would refuse to sell us the liquor then? Why refuse it now??

This was completely wrong! I understand Walmart get young folks into management & do not train them very well. I felt the manager didn't want to admit the wrong doing. He didn't to be wrong, maybe he didn't know how to admit it.

Regardless, Walmart denied the sale of alcohol to a 57 & 37 year old who DID provide their IDs! Shame on you, Walmart!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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I had this same issue. I was told when I asked it was because so many adults are buying for minors.

I guess when you briefly talked to the girl in the line they thought you were "setting up" something illegal.

It is sad that they have to do this but I understand.

I would rather them do this then to turn their heads when issues REALLY happen and let an adult buy for minors. So many people die each year because of drunk people behind the wheel and sooo many of those are now teens who got the alcohol from an adult.


Had a walmart not sell me alcohol because my ID was cracked, girlfriend "bought" it but I still paid with my card. Problem with Walmart is giant lack of common sense 75% of thier employees have.


Congrats to the cashier.


Rules are rules. Customer is at fault here.

Cashier should get a raise AND a bonus for upholding the rules of the store even in the extremely angry face of this extremely ugly (and old) woman. You knew this before going in there. If not; welcome to reality where people buy alcohol for children illegally on a massive scale and stores are trying to curb it.

I've known since I was 17 that everyone in the group at the checkout needs ID for alcohol. Where have you been for the last 30 years?

You seem like the kind of person who gets drunk with a 19 yr old.


You can't get anyone that is why you are on PISSEDCONSUMER JACKING YOURSELF OFF. wash those hands before you see YOUR MOMMA


bravo to the cashier!!! doing her job well.


I buy alcohol with my niece an nephew with me all the time, 4 and 8. So when they are 16 and 12 clearly all alcohol purchases will be for them.


I have to agree with the OP. This carding thing is getting out of hand because of *** lawsuits.

No store should get into trouble because someone over 21 brought alcohol, then they gave it to a minor. The store did nothing wrong.

The didn't sell it to the minor. The one in trouble should be the buyer.


This isn't the law.


It had to have seemed suspicious to them for them to ask for the girls ID. Third party sales are illegal and could get the cashier in a lot of trouble.

She was protecting herself and I don't blame her. Get over it.