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this company reduced my credit limit with notification by letter. the reason is due to my updated credit score which i admit did decrease.

but it was extremely upsetting to go shopping and when you get to the cashier to be denied credit without understanding why. since acct opening about a year ago, i have never been late on a payment and always paid more than the minimum due. as i see it they will continue to reduce the credit limit as time goes on. i have therefore closed this acct.

i no longer feel doing business with this company is something i would even want to consider again. so beware................

Reason of review: reduced credit limit w/o proper notification.

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??? You were notified by letter of your new limit.

You went to said store and spend over your new limit. And this is their fault, why??? If you felt humiliated, it is from your own doing. You have been late with payments and your credit score showed it, hence the reduction in limit.

This is nobody's fault but your own. Lesson learned.

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