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The walmart on 220 in roanoke virginia violated the Americans With Disabilities Act as well as their customer service policies.The story is my wife bought a toy for my daughter which was broke.

She went to the customer service desk to take care of the situation. She had the receipt, which did have the UPC code on it. But she didnt have the packaging. My wife is disabled and cannot walk long distances.

The customer service lady advised her that she would "need to walk all the way across the store and get another package so she can scan the UPC code". When advised my wife could not do this due to her disability ( And the customer service associate was told this), the customer service associate replied " that is not our responsibility to go get it, you will go outside where the carts are and get a cart and go get it yourself". When we spoke to a CSM, we was advised that the employee would be disiplined accordingly. When we left the establishment, however, she gave me a smirk on her face like " im very proud of what i did".

What happened to the customer service at these stores? Walmart has a sign on their front doors that clearly states that any disabled customer who needs assistance will be cheerfully provided with that assistance. What is the world coming to? We will most definately not be shopping there anymore.

They are very lucky she is not filing a complaint with the local courts.*** THEM!!!!

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You might wanna make sure u know what your talking about before u go posting negative comments about walmart because as far as law suits go bud if your wrong and we didnt violate any law that can be taken as slander especially if it effects the company and we can file a law suit against you so i suggest u keep your opinions to your self Thank You Save Money. Live Better Walmart


What does your wife's disability have to do with her forgetting the package, she is physically disabled not mentally disabled. Your wife(assuming the two of you are old enough to be married) has no case so she cannot take it to court anyway.


I work in retail, and ignorant customers like you make me want to kill myself.You think you get special treatment because you're at our store.

You make it seem like the sales associate has to kiss your *** because you're shopping at our store.

Dude, you're at walmart NOT at the Ritz Carlton.Get over yourself.


I work in retail, and ignorant customers like you make me want to kill myself.You think you get special treatment because you're at our store.

You make it seem like the sales associate has to kiss your *** because you're shopping at our store.

Dude, you're at walmart NOT at the Ritz Carlton.Get over yourself.


When I return something I always put it back in the package.Also walmart has riding shopping carts at the front of the store if you just use them.

I am disabled too but I do not use that so I will be treated better then everyone else. They have always treated my with respect even when I knocked over a display with the riding cart they were not upset and helped get what I wanted. If you treat others kindly the kindness will be returned. Also what is your husband doing taking a girl to the restroom?

A customer could have called the police and accused you of being a dirty old man.Think about that before you start causing trouble.

First Born Triplet
to Dude25 Markham, Ontario, Canada #830523

It was his daughter for crying out loud, not some child he met at the store, single and divorced parents probably do it all the time, unless you have a sick mind you would think nothing of it.I do agree however she could have waited until the husband returned from the washroom with the daughter to get the correct package.

I do agree she should have known to bring the package in the first place, and I do agree that she was being difficult and using her disability as an excuse, I also believe that she had no right asking the CSM to discipline the cashier in front of everyone. If so the CSM should also discipline her in front of everyone for not bringing the package.

How are they supposed to scan it without a bar code?That takes common sense, which neither husband nor wife have.


I have to agree with the majority of the posters. the original posters are getting out of hand and think Walmart had to bend over backwards just to exchange a toy.


It only takes a few minutes to take a child to the restroom. Your husband could have returned the item when your daughter was finished in the restroom.

The fact that you were smirking about the associate supposedly getting in trouble for not catering to you (which, I doubt that happened. You were probably called the ridiculous asswipes that you are as soon as you left the store), only goes to show what spiteful troublemakers you are.

You can fight and argue with everyone else here, but like I said, I too am disabled. I bring friends or family with me to the store to help. I also have my own adaptive equipment to help me with mobility. I don't expect store employees, or anyone else wherever I go, to drop what they are doing and cater to me. Maybe some retail workers' attitudes are less than friendly, but it certainly does not break any laws. You people need to get over yourselves.


No ADA laws were broken, you just want special treatment because you are disabled.They don't have to help you because you are impatient to wait for your husband to return from the washroom with your daughter.

You thinks the world owes you something because you are disabled. Also with your anger and your husband's anger I have concerns about your daughter's safety. How did the toy break, did you break it in anger. First of all since the breakage was your fault they did not even need to allow the return.

Also the language you and your husband use do you kiss your daughter with that mouth, do you use the same language in front of her.Do you call her those names when she misbehaves.


For all you haters out there.When all this was going on my husband was taking my child to the restroom.

You have no *** clue what was going on. There is a sign when entering Walmart if needing assistant please ask. The employee refused. So there for YOU CAN ALL GO GET ***.

The managers wouldn't not have been so upset if ADA laws were not broken.Do they just let any *** on here

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