It is Thursday November 2015. My name is Darrell Jones.

I purchase a tv here from your store in Margate on Atlantic in Florida. I'm having major issues with one of the employees name Gary. At first, he ask me several questions suggesting as if I stole the 23inch tv that I purchase in cash feom a "at first" lay away trans action. All I ask was a reciet that I don't recall getting.

Because the employee name Robert seem to be confuse with making a cash purchase from lay away. Anyway this Mr. Gary so sort threaten me as if I stole a tv. He didn't beieve me.

And said he will check with lay away and the Margate Police. And there might be a criminal investigation. I felt so embarassed. Nethless to stay, he finally re check after a lenghty time.

Then I was finally printed a reciet by them for a total refund. Because of the loose tip on the 23 inch. I just want you to know that most of the employees here can be careless. And rude and racist.

Not all but MOST. The employees who work hard is Kate, and Janet, and Susan. Oh Mr.Gary apologize and we dismiss the issue.

Just thought you should know. My email darrellj753@gmail.com

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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All Garys are black and should be fired and sent back to Africa. I love Walmart and will always stand by them, racist or not. Crackers rule the USA.


Walmart has to treat everyone as such and treat everything the way it is presented to them. If you don't bring a receipt for a tv you bought, of course it is going to seem suspiscious.

That's just how it is. It's not racist at all.

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