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I am already not a Wal-mart lover, but a new one opened around my nieghborhood, so I thought I would go in to pick up a few things. I was not shopping at 4a.m, or on a Monday morning; it was Saturday evening, the busiest shopping day of the week.

Walmart had 3 registers open, one being the cigarette register. One was express, the other regualar. That is terrible. This was a Super Walmart so you can imagine the type of traffic they get. I don't understnad why this happens all the time at Wal-mart. I waited 20 minutes in a line that resembled a Black Friday line, and then I left. That reminded me why I prefer Target over Wal-mart (though Target has some faults, they at least utilize 5 registers at a time).

I don't understand why this happens: Is it because Wal-mart is too cheap to hire more employees?

Is management too incompetent to produce a decent schedule?

Or is the corporation's policy to not open any more than 10% of its registers? Becasue this isn't the first time I have seen this happen at a Wal-mart (in many different cities).

All I know is for a store with over 50,000 square feet and 24 registers, to only have 3 open is unexcusable. I will be doing my shopping at a store that knows their customers have other things to do.

Location: San Diego, California

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I don't understand why this happens: Is it because Wal-mart is too cheap to hire more employees?

You said it yourself. But people keep going back for prices. Anyone over the age of 10 knows this, even management gets in trouble if they use too much money in wages.


You want cheap, then you have to wait. If they hire more people the prices go up then people *** about that. Go somewhere else where it costs more but they have more help.


I go to Walmart to get groceries. I usually go twice a month and spend about $250.

Sometimes the line is so long it crosses the aisle and makes a turn. But only 2 of 25 registers are open.

If I wait in line for an excessive amount of time I abandon my cart in the women's clothing department and go home. So if you ever notice $250 work of groceries spoiling in the women's clothing department - that is me.


Also it kind of *** me off how people go into express for only 15 items or less and they have like three filled baskets. On top of that its usually around four in the morning. Seriously, they can't wait to get that *** at noon




Are you part of Walmart management? If you are, you should know that the Walmart in Lenoir, NC almost had a fight break out when a new register opened and people had been waiting so long.

Again, only three registers open, when 50 0r 60 are installed -- all going unused. C'MON, MAN! I'm not going THERE anymore.

Maybe no Walmarts. I've had it.


it's Walmart. get stuff for cheap and wait in a long line.

go Target. pay more but get out quicker. if you don't know this by now then you obviously don't get out much.

as for MrsLea, don't listen to her. she just thinks the employees are *** because they won't polish her shoes for her and give her free food when she walks in.


You that are against what the author is writing are weird. Look, he's not blaming the cashiers.

Who cares if he's using hyperbole. For those of you that truly don't have any lives, yes, time really is of the essence when you're in a hurry taking care of important things. You probably didn't know that. Standing in line for 15 minutes is probably entertainment for you.

Who wants to stand in line for 15 minutes when you know you really don't have to? If there are only a few registers open, then that's Walmart's fault, not the employees and I think the author is blaming Walmart by the management that they hire. Also, I've been in Walmart too often only to find highly unmotivated employees who either have some type of energy deficiency or hate that they're not getting paid enough, both, or something similar. And the person that made the comment about being part of the solution, come on man, get real.

Nobody who has a good job is going to quit it and go work and Walmart to be part of the solution. Part of the solution is voicing this unacceptable feature of Walmart. Speed your stinkin lines up Walmart. Give free red bull or some other type of caffeinated beverage to your cashiers and baggers.

Slow people, go home and take a nap. Walmart, figure your lines out, or just keep raking in billions while we complain.

I think they'll opt for the latter.


Walmart store-level management is made up of complete ***


And knowing and hearing this kind of complaint every day, you probably took it out on the cashier too. Asked them why don't they have more lines open and why is it like this every time.

Well cashier have no say in it.

People are so impatient these days. Always in some kind of hurry for nothing.


I agree with Heather on somethings the cashier cannot control and Walmart is not to cheap to hire new people we hire cashiers every so often and about shopping at Target I went shopping at target one time and they only had 2-3 open as well its not just Walmart. Also like Simon said be part of the solution not the problem if you don't already have a job that it is.


most of the time the store opens up registers according to a corporate outline. we only open the amount of registers that are on that paper because that is all they schedule.

Also when employees get hired they fill out an availability sheet that tells us when they can and cannot work, no one wants to work the weekends so we work with what we have.

If you know that the store is going to be that busy being that it is saturday evening, why bother. It is just as frustrating for us as it is the customer, do you think that we enjoy being yelled at for something we cant control?


20 minutes in a line the size of a Black Friday line? Now, allowing for hyperbole, I'm going to guess that, tops, you waited ten minutes behind about four people.

And if the store just opened, it's very possible that they either don't have that many employees yet, or simply haven't gotten things into full-swing. Also, if classes were in session, some of the employees that they did have may not have been available to work, due to also being in college (a good portion of Walmart cashiers are also in school).


Why don't you fill out an application and help out? Be a part of the solution and not the problem.

Listen to the song "Man in the Mirror". It will inspire you with this issue.

The only people willing to work at Wal-Mart are barely employable and far from reliable.


Hi Simon. The "only people willing to work at Wal-mart are barely employable and far from reliable"? Please allow me, a Wal-mart associate of three years, to educate you.

My job as a Wal-mart cashier was obtained after spending several months being screened and going through drug tests, background checks, and three interviews, one of which was a panel interview involving multiple managers.

I have years of retail experience, and a high school diploma as well as one year of college. I have never been questioned by the police, let alone arrested or have a record. On an average day, I handle more money than a bank teller, am called upon to speak English, Spanish, and some French/Creole, and scan an average of 1,500 items per hour.

I am in good company with the other 538 staff members at my 24 hour Supercenter. There are stacks and stacks of applications, hundreds, in the Personnel Office of people who would like to make the cut and have a job.

Please take all of these factors into consideration before generalizing about Wal-mart employees or any other group of people. Thank you.


I agree with every word you say.

Any person who 100% disagrees with you must enjoy sitting in line all day.


I work at a Walmart Supercenter We also have 24 registers but never seen more than 10 open. When lines grow CSM's find registered trained associates that work in other area's to serve customers.

Here's the catch ! Wouldn't it be better if they had not spent thousands perhaps ten's of thousands of dollars on the non working registers and just hire a few more people ? Nah !!!!

Walmart is too cheap ! There are associates that have been working for over ten and twenty years as part timers at thirty two hours a week.

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