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I bought a 32 inch color tv from Walmart a month and a half ago. I just moved about a week and a half ago, when I was taking the cable from the tv to bring over to the other house the part that screws to the tv came off with the cable connection.

I called the customer service here at Walmart and of course I did'nt keep my receipt and told them what had happened, the sales rep. told me that there was nothing that could be done because I didn't have my receipt and didn't know what their guarantee was on the sales slip. Now I know that they have and inventory list of the products that they sale because they do it in bulk and everyone has one or dorn near.

So I really don't appreciate the fact that they wouldn't even replace the product, I didn' t even ask for my money back just a new tv, I am not rich and won't be buying any electric items from Walmart anymore very unsatisfied with the way they do things at Walmart the people most of them are hard working people trying to have a few nice things and I am one of them.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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I don't shop at Wal mart anymore because of

Store #4425

7818 Colonial West Drive

Orlando, FL 32818 and Yolanda in Automotive !


I work for Walmart customer Service and am sorry to hear of your situation. I dont feel as though it was handled well.

Did you pay by debit or credit? cuz if so they can look up your receipt you must be in the same store of purchase with the exact date of purchase and have the last four digits of your card you use... they can reprint you receipt...

I hope they gave you that option..unfortunatly if you paid cash, cash is untraceable and they cannot look your receipt up. Its not just walmart that requires receipts but most stores...and as you said most people are hard working and most do understand your situation but with out the receipt if they exchange the tv they wouldnt get credit and they'd lose money....


walmarts wouldnt fix exchange or give back my money on a pair of $300.00 14kgold diamond earrings.They turned black in my ears..they told me to get a lawyer.never again will I buy anything from wallyworld.their very very rude there as well.so dont buy gold there.my earrings werent real gold a REAL jeweler told me. :(


Who buys good jewelry from WalMart?

Remember, you get what you paid for.


Dear Charlott, I am sorry to hear about the your misfortune with your TV. Did you pay by credit card?

If so, you usually can dispute the charge on the card.

Tell them that the TV is not working and Walmart will not return without the receipt. I hope that will help.


When they do returns, they need an item number or UPC to put in the system so they know how much money to give back to you. Its not a scam, that way the system refunds you for a TV and not a Q-Tip ya know.

Also remember not all WM's have the same TV selection so they may not have the TV you originally bought.

If you find an identical TV off the shelf, take that one up to the return counter with your broken TV so they will have that UPC to scan. Money in the bank!


You said sales rep but did you talk to a manager or a csm . Also anything electric or over 50.00 KEEP YOUR RECEIPT.

Reason why its harder to get your money back is the companies that make them know their *** and make retailers jump through a lot hoops before they reimburse the money for letting you return it.

And also with MOST eletronic now a days they scan the seiral number which is good as receipt beause it lets them know what day you bought and from which store. :x all else fails call 1800walmart