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Do the most annoying people in the world shop at this Walmart? I just need to vent here.

Ugh every time I go in here. People gawk at me like I come from Mars, get in the way, are rude, etc. Today as I am going in, driving in people are first being *** about parking spaces, locking their cars obnoxiously like I am going to steal something out of them. I go in and get gawked at, people insist on getting in front of me and walking slow, people yaking on their cell phones not paying attention.

I can't get to anything or concentrate on what I need to get because people are bothering me causing me to have to back up to find the right aisles while waiting on people to get out of the way. I go to self checkout and somebody has to get into mine behind me in line hurriedly putting their food on the belt so they can stand behind me and watch as I am paying (an invasion of privacy). Walk out and some old *** nearly runs me down as I am trying to cross into the parking lot. So annoying!

I don't go in here for these people.

I just go in here for what I need and I am bothered by people. Ugh!!

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Maybe you should wear a sign stating how crazy, oops, I mean important you are so everyone will know to give your a wide berth when you go out in public.


And exactly what do you expect Walmart to do about this?


Nothing I was just venting.


I am in Northwestern Arkansas BTW not Baton Rouge. This *** IPhone wouldn't let me put the right location in.


Apparently you can't put the word s t u pid in either.