Little Rock, Arkansas
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I was shopping in the "ghetto" walmart on Baseline in L.R. , AR Sunday night.

The cashiers have no idea how to do the simpliest transactions. The cashier could not scan my coupon or run a check for $20.00 over the purchase price. Not only could she not do it she didn't care. She did not call a CMS and ask for help.

She just stared at my slack jawed like a zombie. This is why I hate Wal-Mart so much. I will be doing all my shopping at Taget soon I swear!

But i keep thinking it will get better. WRONG.........

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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"The fact that you keep insisting they are from me just makes me further suspect that the Toronto ones are coming from you, Jedi."

The fact that you keep insisting that they were not from you makes me feel more they are from you.

The fact you keep insisting your husband is not a janitor makes me believe even more that he is Home Office Janitor.


My post locations have only changed twice for me, and the location has never been Toronto, Canada, Chicago or Germany(Where the fake posts from the account claiming to be me come from). The fact that you keep insisting they are from me just makes me further suspect that the Toronto ones are coming from you, Jedi.


If you knew how to read you would know that they were SIDING WITH you I am referring to Chris and nikalseyn you retard.

If you knew how to read you would know that the post number changes as you post more comments. I don't see any problems with Chris and nikalseyn's comments and if you are find them offensive you must have been suffering from PMS.

@Jedi Knight Ethan

The OP is seven years old and does not know how to read.


MsLea, as usual, you're a fake person.


BigBruce, my location has almost always been Springdale, AR where I am at. The fake versions of me ALWAYS list other locations.

Shannon G

Hey Jedi Knight Ethan if you could READ you would see I was responding to comments 8 and 9 (which were posted before mine) which blamed me for shopping at Walmart. Good you are a ***! :( :( :(


The location thing does not work on this site. This morning alone, my posts went from Chicago to Phoenix, neither of which are even close to where I am. Now that I am using my Wifi at home, my location will probably say Pittsburgh or Windber (I am not located in either of those cities).



Maybe she was new? Let's go have you do something new and pick on you for doing it wrong.

After all you can't read, if you read the last two comments you would know they were siding with you and you say they are siding with the cashier. Nikalseyn has a biased opinion for Walmart after all he or she was fired for "borrowing" pens from the stationary department.


So you can steal another pen?


Winfield, Kansas


If it doesn't say Springdale, Arkansas then it isn't me Kansas.


Wal-Mart hires the dumbest of the dumb to work at the store level. Your story doesn't surprise me.

Shannon G

Oh shut up... I should be able to shop where I want and expect a basic level of service.

All you people blame the customer instead of the employee. :( :( :( :(

John N

Chris has it nailed. This is WalMart.

What more can you expect? Best to shop elsewhere.


When will people learn. You shop at a store that sells the cheapest stuff because it is imported, or seconds.

You deal with a company that hires people at the lowest possible wage.

If you want the price this is what you get. If you want the service you pay a bit more and keep jobs in this country.