Walmart is a company with a single goal and philosophy which is to buy and sell goods cheaply. Now on the surface this may not seem like a bad thing but in Walmart’s case because it is a morally bankrupt company, it becomes bad. Looking into this company’s eyes is similar to what you would see if you were able to look into the eyes of people like Hitler or Stalin, no soul just evil intent on profit for profit’s sake at the expense of everything and everyone.

This results in the destruction and bankruptcy of small businesses across America, tactics that squeeze suppliers to prices that are barely profitable, employees who are treated marginally better than if they were in a “work concentration camp” and consumers, who to get these “low rollback prices” have to suffer abuse at the hands of those same very unhappy Walmart employees (check the internet for their comments), no customer service (actually the reverse which is customer abuse) and, arrogant inflexible and unfair policies and procedures.

This company is the epitome of what can go wrong when capitalism is practiced without soul, humanity or, morality and all of this from just one family, the Waltons.

All companies make mistakes and that will be true as long as they are run by us humans so the measure of a company is not whether they make mistakes but rather, what do they do when the mistake is made?

Most companies care about their customers and therefore try to resolve their issues. In Walmart’s case they say, “That’s our policy”, or “It’s the customer’s fault” or “It’s the fault of one of our employees”.

So we the long suffering Walmart customers have to somehow rationalize that the price we must pay for all of those wonderful low prices (which by the way in my case as recently as last week on a tuna product were 18% higher than my local Publix store) is to be abused and to suffer the bad temper of the average Walmart employee.

And, in my view, it is steadily getting worse!

My current issue? Yesterday I ordered a sofa from Walmart online, for $350 and paid for it with my Visa card. In the approval process I had to put my Visa secure code into the system for security purposes. I received a confirmation from Walmart and a delivery date. Several hours later I received a cancellation of the order because, “it did not pass Walmart’s security”??? I called my bank and they confirmed that there was a valid authorization on my Visa for the $350 in favor of Walmart. I called Walmart and they told me that they have their own “security system” even though the charge was approved and authorized by Visa??? I said so what about the authorization you have for $350 on my Visa? The answer, “Oh that will be released in 7 to 10 business days”??? I fought with them as it is neither reasonable nor fair that I should be out $350 for 7 to 10 business days because of their “security”, their mistake, in addition to the fact that I don’t get the product that I ordered. The answer, “that’s our policy”, “that’s our policy” over and over.

This is not the first time that I have run up against Walmart’s cold core and judging by the thousands of online complaints, I am not alone. I for one will boycott Walmart for the rest of my life and I will do my best to influence as many people as I can on the way.

Ok, it may cost me a bit more but I will be dealing with people who care, people who are trained and with companies who have a heart, who have scruples and who are not a Soulless Wasteland like Walmart.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Delivery Service.

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Comparing your experience to what Hitler did is an outrage and slap to the face to holocaust survivors and you should be ashamed of yourself. Perhaps having a parent supervise you while online will prevent you from being foolish.


Just so you know a secondary authorization is not uncommon with online retailers, so you may run into the same issue with other online shopping entities.

Also Walmart does not make up the rules regarding the authorization and when it drops off, that is determined by YOUR bank. Walmart doesn't have that money, it was an authorization and one that was never completed.

It may be possible for your bank to release the hold early since it is their timeframe of 7-10 business days, but this is unlikely.

(Not only that if the order had gone through you would have had to pay the $350, so if you can't afford to be without that money placing the order might not have been a good idea in the first place)


Really, I saw in Walmart last night shopping..........


You haven't had your morning coffee yet have you??? It's their policy and its not going to change just because you don't like it.

Deal with it! Your money will be refunded to you in 7 to 10 days...not years, Chill out!


u work for walmart?


Are you four years old? Only a four year old would ASSume that someone who tells the customer they are wrong that they work for the company.

Yeah you are four years old. You don't begin a sentence with a capital letter and you cannot spell a simple word such as "you" which a kindergartener can spell.


Nope! I can easily see that you have a lot of anger issues though.

You go way beyond a simple complaint. Seriously, don't you think your entire rant was a little over the top?


I did not post the first reply and telling someone they have anger issues just because they told you that you are wrong makes me believe more that you are four years old.


I think it is you who has anger issues, your money will be returned so chill dude. You are the one overreacting so you have anger issues.


I do work for walmart and we laugh our butt off at pissed off people like this poster. We are so big that 1 million bad reviews don't even begin to hurt our profits.

We have 11,000 stores and millions of sales per day, do the math. Have fun being pissed off while I go diddle my secretary and smoke another blunt.

First B

Now this is the one to laugh at, comparing his experience to evil German leaders who practically killed one million people. Or perhaps it is to cry at for his lack of empathy for those affected by this.