Caro, Michigan

I went online and got some wedding invitations printed and went to pick them up from the photo center after getting a text saying that they were complete. When i got there they showed me the pictures and explained that they can't give me the pictures because they were for personal use only ( it was, wth!) anyway after arguing that i thought that was personal use i got no where, so went on to try to get my money back, also denied. After calling they told me to call the store who told me to call the website again....after about an hour of arguing i finally got my money back....7 days later

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

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Here's my question: we're the pictures you were using professionally taken? If so, I suggest you read up on copyright laws before trying to use them next time.


I wouldn't trust anyone to do important invitations without first seeing them in-hand and approving the "proof" or sample first...your wedding day is know Walmart is always a few crayons short of a full box...if you know what I mean?


You got your money back, so what is your major complaint?

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