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Update by user Oct 29, 2014

They did contact me this morning and got Mike I can't straighten out my money was finally redeposited

Original review posted by user Oct 28, 2014

Went to Walmart on 10-27. Spent $50.08.

They charged my account 3 times. I have called the store they said there was nothing they could do and told me to call the 800 number. Talked to a guy who passed me off to another dept. they are saying they didn't charge my account but once.

My account says otherwise. The guy hung up on me. My kids don't get dinner seeing as how they wiped my account out and refuse to fix it.

All I can say is *** Walmart. I'll NEVER shop there again

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Account.

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Orange, California, United States #897388

Why do you have internet access if you cannot afford to feed your children.

Orange, California, United States #897352

Everything this person post is a lie, she just wants attention.


This happened to me but from another store...All I did was call the bank and they took care of it right away we had our money back.Do not even mess with the store go thru your bank.

to me Orange, California, United States #896756

This person admitted she lied about the whole thing though and that is another story. She alter admitted she did not have enough money to feed her children because she spent it on herself and lied about being charged three times.

to KevinRichards #896937

Lol. You must be really bored.

Pick a new post to comment on and a new person to harass please.

I'm tired of my email being own up with your nonsense. L

to Christie21784 Orange, California, United States #896964

Then mark this site as spam and don't come back. You post a review here, if you cannot take the feedback because it hurts you leave.

You know how to mark this site as spam right.

You neglected to have enough food in your fridge or save for a rainy day and accuse them of starving your children. Put the poor things up for adoption because you are an unfit mother.

to KevinRichards Tennessee, United States #897067

Lmao. I'm far from an unfit mother.

But you however are an unfit human being.

Go play in the freeway. Haha

to Christie21784 Orange, California, United States #897142

You are an unfit mother, and a big liar as well. You already said you were done with this post and won't be replying, that is a lie since you keep coming back.

Your husband(assuming you did not make him up) is rolling in his grave in shame with how you are right now. That is if he did not commit suicide because you are already this horrible before he "died" You accuse me of attacking women because you are a coward and cannot admit fault. However for a grown woman to attack 16 year old boys online makes you a coward. I would not have stated this if you did not make that foolish comment about me liking to attack women just because I told poor you that you are wrong.

Seriously grow up. If you kept your children hungry from one night because you did not have enough food that is being an unfit parent. You cannot get this through your thick skull that it was YOU that kept them hungry.

If your husband is real than he would be rolling over in shame. I don't think you ever had a husband, you just lied about your "husband" dying to score sympathy, apparently it worked for a few people but it won't work for me.

to me Orange, California, United States #896757

Then when I called her out on her abusive posts, she accused me of attacking women online. It is okay for her to verbally people online but once you tell her off you are w woman beater. Her dead husband is rolling over in his grave in shame at how she is after he died.

to KevinRichards #896939

Lol. Again.

You must be really bored.

Find someone else to harass you lil troll. Lmao

to Christie21784 Orange, California, United States #896965

How many lies are you going to tell? You said you wont be replying anymore.

Is your husband really dead or did you make that up for sympathy. You sicken me.

to KevinRichards Tennessee, United States #897186

Lmao. You crack me up


You do realize that the more you reply back to Kevin the more he will reply back to you right? I have read the comments and Kevin is 13 years old, but what's your excuse for acting like a child.

Frankly both of you are behaving childishly. Both of you are attacking each other. His comments about your husband are down right cruel, however he is replying back because you are feeding the troll. j.wayne, don't be foolish just because someone is talking to another user on a website, comments EVERYONE can see does not make them a ***.

Same with you Kevin. Nor does replying back to a woman make someone a woman attacker. You share your story, you will get replies from both the sane and nutters. If Kevin replies to you don't reply anymore, after all you are the older and more mature one right?

From what I am reading it looks like two junior high school students replying back to each other. Kevin, triplet, go to some teen website, neopets, twitter, leave the discussion to the adults.

to Anonymous #893982

OOps I was not logged in when I posted this, but take my advice, next time someone f**ks with you get the mafia to solve it.

BTW your husband would be proud of you for raising the kids yourself and working hard take care of them without help. Though in your case even if you did get money from the government it would not be because you are lazy as American Kevin said.

to Anonymous #893983

He is 16, firstborntriplet is 13. Also what happened to my post that I posted when I was not signed in?

to KevinFromLondonEngland00 #893985

It is right there you ***, sometimes it takes a few minutes to show up.

to KevinRichards #893993

I was actually talking about another post, where I told her not to mistake me with you because we have the same first name. Where I told her firstborntriplet had a good idea, but the police take a long time to solve anything, the mafia will solve it faster.

The police will want proof, the mafia will react right away no proof required. I don't want her to mistake you and I because we share the same first name. I think she is doing her best to raise her children without help and her husband knows this somehow and is watching over her. Anyways next time someone messes with you OP get the mafia involved they will straighten out the walmart manager that stole your money.

Also Kevin Richards is bashing all these people on food stamps but he will be on food stamps since he claimed he dropped out of school. In UK the only jobs that drop outs get is ones that don't pay well, if even, and I am sure USA is the same?

Chicago, Illinois, United States #893673

Leave them and come to Target. We got all the good sh*t and at better prices too!

Screw walmart, we take all forms of payment and love all customers.

That's how we roll. Peace out, Tasha


Christie must be a perv and *** too in your definition because firstborntriplet is also a teen. So this site is full of pervs and pedos including you for defending them.

At least by your logic.


As far as the rest of you bottom line is walmart stole money from her. Stop using the cloud the issue obama tactic.

It doesnt work anymore.


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