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I submitted a review about the app Walmart started called savings catcher. I joined in September, and have collected over $40 in savings.

After countless calls, and back and forth emails with this department, they have still failed to resolve the problem as to where my ecard is so that I may use it. They have verified my account exsists, ask me to send screenshots of my savings, now they will not even respond.

Ive even contacted the corporate office. Nothing.Savings catcher is a scam.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Have you checked the email you entered? Is it possible that you might have keyed it in wrong?

I did that once and couldn't figure out why I wasn't receiving the emails I was looking for.After I called and they informed me that my email address didn't match the one they had on file,I realized that I had accidentally keyed in my address wrong by one letter.

That might be the reason your not getting your egiftcard. I use the savings catcher and I have never had a problem with it.

to Anonymous Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #921915

Yes, thank you. Went through and verified all of that with customer service, once that was verified, they requested screenshots for each receipt, I did that, then I never heard from them again. I then contacted corporate, sent copies of all of the corrospondace with customer service, never heard from them .

Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #921830

This is why the Savings Catcher should have never been invented. People like you get so greedy that you get impatient and disrespectful.

I've seen somebody use it successfully before. So no it isn't a scam.

to realm188 Columbus, Ohio, United States #921842

Excuse me? Who could be greedy over $40?

It's the principal. I am a loyal Walmart customer.

I joined savings catcher bcuz I'm disabled and need to save where ever I can. The fact that I've followed all of their rules, yet they"claim" they cannot find my ecard is on them, not me...please do not judge situations you do not fully understand.

to bakerchic10 Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #921870

Scam - A stratagem for gain; a swindle. My point is, they didn't have to make that application.

But they did. Almost everyone in the world needs to save, not just you.

You can bring ads into the store you know. You being impatient is on you.

to realm188 Florida, United States #936000

I can tell you what a scam Walmart's "saving-catcher" is. Walmart says it honors B1G1 or that's what their legal print say.

However, Walmart does not honor for B1G1 for Florida Residents. Pretty much if you have an issue with it you are just going to have to get over it. Its called bait and switch. Walmart doesn't WANT to compete with other grocery stores that offer a B1G1.

WHY? Because usually its cheaper then Walmart if its a B1G1. Sure the "savingscatcher" has gotten me money back, but this program is not designed for us serious budget cutting savers. It will work for those who are causal about their savings.

I mean if you dont want to cut coupons or look through ads to get the best deal so you try to cut cost by going to Walmart, and now they have a program that saves you a little more. Its superb!!!!! BUT for us that look through every single ads and compare cost on everything then NO Walmart is NOT cheaper. Walmart's saving catcher doesn't even catch all the sales in the participating area.

Its a flawed system with a company that doesn't either honor its "rules" it sets or the customer reps that work for them dont know their jobs. Go to the sales its more driving time, but why even give that big giant business when they cant even honor what they promise.

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