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I went into the Walmart in Tulalip Washington. I went into the garden department and purchased 2 bags of pea gravel, paid for them in the garden department, walked out to my car and placed them into the trunk.

I went back into the store to purchase paint for my house. I was at the paint dept with an associate discussing the color of paint I needed. I began to notice the associate seemed to be taking a very long time, he went to the back to "get a ladder" and didn't come back for about 10 minutes. Then he took another 20 to mix the paint.

I noticed he kept looking around me over my shoulders as if he were wathcing for someone. I thought it was odd. But I paid for my paint and when I got out to the parking lot, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My vehicle was surrounded by 3 Tulalip tribal police cars and there were 4 officers and several walmart 'security' personnel.

When they saw me, the next thing I heard was "that's the guy right there." As I walked toward my vehicle, an officer began shouting at me to "calm down and stop" Calm down?? I hadn't even said anything or made any type of threatening physical gesture?! I asked VERY politely, "what's going on?" The officer actually put his hand on his side arm and began shouting at me again to calm down. I was now getting very angry to be honest.

Why am I being talked to like this when I haven't even done anything. Well, a very long story short...the store 'security' called the police saying I was seen stealing the bags of rocks from the garden dept and loading them in my car. I showed them my receipt for the purchase, which they took from me and walked away. All the while, I'm standing there with 4 officers and 1 of them with a very obvious itchy trigger finger.

In the end I was very rudely told to leave the parking lot and not come back today!!! I asked what for? I hadn't done a *** thing wrong! This officer actually walked up to my face and stated the following, this is word for word..."go ahead ***, give me a reason to put you on the ground." I was aboslutley stunned.

I had done nothing and was treated like I had committed murder. I got in my car and drove off. This was very embarassing and attracted a huge crowd of people, most of which knew who I was and were shouting support my direction. To this day, after several letters to walmart, I've received no apology and no reply.

The police officer was incredibly ignorant and self-obsessed. The walmart security and the manager were all horrid and unprofessional.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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I would had called the real police and sue walmart.


On behalf of Walmart, "we are sorry you are a whiny, entitled little crack baby."



I'm totally confused


How could they have possibly "doctored the tapes"? Just wondering.


There are only 2 posts from the real Jack43. The original complaint and my reply to Simon saying it was "Absolutley untrue" about my being rude to the officers. The other post claiming I "forgot to pay for the pea gravel" is just someone's idea of BS.


This does not make good common sense.You state in the first complaint that you purchased 2 bags of pea gravel and added to the 4 already in your trunk.4+2=6 not 12. You purchase 4 bags the previous day so how did you end up with 12?

This certainly sounds like stealing or you have dementia or early alzheimers. You forgot to pay for the gravel and you forgot you had put them in your car?


Absolutley untrue. I was actually very calm and was even smiling. As I am telling it is exactly as it occured.


Nor do you deserve an apology. You should email walmart and apologize.

You aren't telling the whole story and you know it.

You probably antagonized the officers and they put you in your place. Now be a good little boy and do what they say.


At first it sounded like this guy could be telling the truth. Then I pondered, why would anyone bring gravel back to the store to buy more.

Wouldn't the gravel be heavy? So why bring heavy gravel to Walmart to buy more heavy gravel?