This promotion is a gimmick! They give 72 hours to "check stores" then they wait over a week to say your receipt is invalid and/or the date!

The contact us on the website is a joke! Noone responds back! They take your hard earned money.....pick and choose what they want to consider your "savings" as. No high price items.

Why even have this then? No ads ,buy one get one, no electronics, etc. A full investigation needs to be done!

We`re lured to shop in hopes of saving but in actuality we`re not saving anything.......just false hope! Horrible way to do business Walmart!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Advertisement.

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I've been using it since it started and have saved quite a bit of money. I also got the bluebird card and with that I double all of my savings up until February of next year. good app if you ask me.


It is your choice to do this. Quit complaining and don't do it. Nobody forces you to do it.

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