Danville, Kentucky

Walmart should not advertise that they will match and stores prices I went last night and they matched a stores prices and when i went back today they said we cant match there prices! That is so much bull ***!

I think they should have to match them all or not advertise that they do!

I even went to customer service and asked before I done any shopping to make sure they would match and they said yes! Now today they are telling me no!I think they should not be allowed to advertise we match because they dont.

I know that because of this I will never shop with Walmart again! Thats their loss, I am sure my other local stores wont mind gettng my money!

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What is this the place where Walmart employees go to defend their horrid store?


there are always stipulations. the price matching policy is located at each register and clearly visible.


Wal-Mart only price matches local printed ads where the price per unit is clearly stated on IDENTICAL items.

They do not honor combined product pricing, such as buy Product A and B and get product C for discounted rate. They do not honor online ads, other wal-marts pricing, close out sales, percentage off (where price is not specified) and they do not price match like items, they need to be IDENTICAL.


You won't shop wal mart again? hahaha now that is funny, of course you will, overall they have the best prices and are the most convient...you will be back and Wal Mart knows you will, I am sure they aren't concerned about your threats


They also will not match online only ads.


Wal-mart will not price match other wal-mart prices, nor will it match the price of an item that is of any difference from the ad. deal with it.