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I was grocery shopping with my two sons at a Walmart on (9-16-11). My oldest son (14) wanted to use his birthday money to buy an air

gun. When we got to the register, I had paid for my grocerys first. When it came time for my son's order, as soon as the cashier

scanned the air gun, he asked for my son's id. My son doesn't have an id, so I showed the cashier mine. The cashier said he couldn't

sell the gun to a minor. I asked why he couldn't sell it if an adult was present. He told me it didn't matter, it would be still

selling to a minor. He told me it was the law. I ended up paying for the gun myself. I just don't understand why he couldn't sell my

son the gun to my son when I was there. All I am trying to do is give my son a sense of responsibility.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Americans, what better way to teach your child a sense of responsibility than to give them a gun.


I don't think guns are nothing but evil & the people who invented a gun are nothing but pure evil the white race made guns because they are nothing but cowards so you make ur *** laws to only be broken by your selves you make it legal for you all harbor them in ur homes & carrying iv'e seen more evil done by the white race with your guns than any other race this is why your trying to convict my 11 year old son for having a toy air gun with an orange barrel which was sold to him in a dollar store with out me being present i'm pissed at all of ur *** *** guns go to *** with all this bull *** about ur *** guns the only thing legal about it are you all making the laws to fit the white *** race but YOU ALL WILL REAP WHAT YOU HAVE SOWED POINT BLANK


Then teach your son FIRST responsibility and respect for the law and the employee following it. Your complaint shows that you do not care for the law, and that your son will learn the same.


Wow, as other people have pointed out - it's the LAW. The cashier was abiding by the law and you're going to complain publicly about it?

It's perfectly legal for you, being a guardian and parent, to allow your child to shoot an air gun. However, it is not legal for any store to sell them if they are under the age of 16.

I understand wanting to teach your kids responsibility. I taught my son to save his own money - that he worked for, not gifted - to buy his first 22 rifle. The deal, I'd pay half if he worked and saved up.

He did, for over a year he worked regularly to save up. That boy one night spent 4 hours carrying firewood about 60yds. He was 7. Carried about 4-5 ricks worth - about half the time after dark. That was a proud moment as a Dad.

We bought the gun the next day. Ordinarily, I would have let him handle the money. But, being that it was a firearm purchase -- I didn't. That was MY responsibility, as a parent, to have respect and knowledge of the laws and regulations around what I was allowing my son to purchase.

My point? Be responsible. You are the parent. It is YOUR responsibility to understand the LAW before you introduce your son to things like this. Don't for a second think that an air rifle can't be lethal. I've got one, locked in my gun safe, that shoots .22 caliber pellets at about 1400 feet per second. That is faster than many, if not most, .22 caliber powder propelled (read: firearm) bullets shoot.

They are lethal. Your child should NOT be able to buy such an item. As a parent, you should have known this before allowing your child access to such a thing.

The fact you are here, though, blithering about how this responsible cashier 'wronged' you -- tells me you, as a parent, failed in your responsibilities.

I most certainly hope you did some self-educating before allowing your son to use said item. I also hope he wasn't injured, or anyone else, for a lack of your responsibility - as a parent - to know what you're talking about and doing before introducing or inflicting said lack of responsibility unto your child.


The fact that the associate still sold you the air gun is, technically, against Walmart policy and he could have been fired for that if upper management had caught wind. Walmart will not allow the sale of firearms to any minor, whether or not a parent/guardian is present, and should the parent/guardian come back by themselves to purchase the gun, their sale will be denied. (At least, that was how the policy was read at my store)


Also (and since it was explained by the cashier that what you wanted him to do was against the law and you still complained), how is the cashier meant to know that your his parent/legal guardian? anyone can say that they are.

Think of it this way- You've told your son that he's not allowed to get smokes, and that you will not buy them for him. you Don't want him to be smoking. He finds a friends mum, or pays a stranger to buy smokes for him. The cashier lets it happen because the person he got to do it says "it's ok, I'm his mum" You'd be pretty freaking pissed, right?

Also, Lets think about the consequences of breaking that law. Not only would the employee have been fired, but he would have faced criminal charges. the best he could hope for it a large fine. If he had made a habit of doing it he could even face jail time. He could also face jail time if he dosn't pay the fine, which after being fired would be hard. And it's a definite that he would have been fired, by him breaking the law, the company would have faced a massive fine too. (about 10 times more than the cashier's) and being fired for that will pretty much stop you from getting a job as anything but a cleaner.

Still think he should have let your son buy the gun himself? still think he should have broken the law for you?


The cashier should have let you have the gun that he could have shot your eye out.


It's the law. He cannot break the law. Technically he shouldn't even have sold it to you knowing you were going to give it to a minor.


@mother, lol ***. Yeah breaking the law because you think your entitled to it makes it all ok. Now I know your trolling.


@ mother: A air gun is considered a weapon and can cause damage to property or harm people.

In my home town some young boys with AIR and PAINT BALL GUNS caused over $25,000 worth of damage to cars, houses and a Church (3 STAINED GLASS WINDOWS). The parents tried to sue the store saying that they should have never sold it to a 15 year-old in the first place. The store then showed their surveillance footage of the parents paying. Needless to say the kids are doing a lot of community service.

So it is more or less a responsibility thing; the stores are not going to be held responsible for someone’s 15 year old son possessing a weapon that they (by law) should not have until they are 18.

The fact is, that many parents say it's someone else’s fault(a teacher, video games or the TV) if their child gets into trouble. It’s sad really.


Yes, the reasonable thing would have been for the cashier to just sell the air gun. Its not uncommon for a parent to let a child pay for a toy themselves to help teach responsibility.

However, an air gun is not a candy bar or a new RC car. Its a toy GUN. There are all sorts of rules and regulations a toy company has to follow when they manufacture a toy GUN. And yes, it is against the law to sell an air gun to a minor.

What if that cashier had rang you kid out and another parent reported him?

He'd lose his job. We live in a world where you are extremely replaceable in your job and large companies, ESPECIALLY walk*mart will not hesitate to fire you if you have any kind of a black mark on your record.


Let's be real here. This isn't a TOY Gun.

Toy guns shoot little darts and snap caps. Air guns like these are in the sporting goods isle and NOT the toy isle for a reason. With pellets (not little plastic bbs) they can kill small animals and seriously injure people.

It is against the law to sell to anyone under 16 AND it is also highly illegal to sell to someone knowing that they are going to give it to a minor (You can thank drug laws and all the kids trying to "score" beer and cigs from an adult for that one). This cashier should have been written up for selling to the "parent" but was completely in the right in the first place.


Would you feel better if Wal-Mart did the same thing with cigarettes? He isn't old enough for them either.


You should've just paid for it your self In The first place instead of just making your son do it on his own. An air gun is still considered a weapon.

It would be the equivalent of him trying to buy a pack of cigarettes with you standing next to him. Minors can't make these purchases period no matter who is present with them.