Lakemont, Georgia
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I was trying to buy beer. I gave I'd that proves I'm 29.

But they refused to sell it to me cause my 42 year old husband didn't have ID. He looks his age. We bought alcohol the previous week only I had to provide id as I was the buyer. Felicia was the manager who absolutely refused.

I understand their need to card so underage people aren't drinking but we are way past that age group and I had my 7 year old with us. Just something for adults for a cookout for the 4th and they took it in a bad direction.

Their apologies were far from being sincere. I will be going to Kmart from now on.

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That's a bit over the top if he actually looks his age--however, if your husband is 42 years old he should have some form of identification on him anyways..


Hey if he were using *** he could be 13 and look 42, and if he behaved the same way as the wife when asked for ID, they probably thought he only looked 42 because he was a *** user and could not sell. His behavior would show make them believe that not only is he 13 years old but a *** user as well.


lol this guy is a genius

First B

Kmart will do the same thing since it is probably state law.


Even liquor stores follow this policy. If anyone in the party does not have ID to prove they are 21 the store will not sell it to them. The liquor store in question where I was simply had my wife step outside and then sell me the alcohol, not sure if Walmart would let you do this, but this is not an isolated incident and I am pretty sure it will happen at Kmart as well.


Kmart will do the same thing since the store was following THE LAW. Then again they could have thought you had fake id and were underaged because of your childish behavior.


It is the cashier's right to card everyone in the party. If your husband is overage then he should have no problem presenting id.

You both sound very immature for your age group. I'm glad I don't shop at kmart ('cause they stink) so I won't run into you.