I stopped at the Woodstock IL Super Center after work at 10 PM for two items. Only one cashier open.

The customer in line was having problems coming up with the money for the purchase, debit/cash card would not work...they send her to the ATM machine and send the other employee to fetch the keys...at the back of the store...for the register. Cards still yield no money, customer comes back and has to take some purchases off the bill. By now there were 10 people in line and they finally opened a second register!

This took between 15 and 20 minutes. I don't know why I continue to deal Walmart, the prices certainly are NOT that good.

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I have had so many issues with Customer

Service (fabrics, electronic, deli) even the customer service desk. I have started carrying the Walmart phone number with me and call the manager on my cell phone. The customers around me always get a kick out of it.


Anyone care to bet that Madi35 is one of those butt kissing employees? Madi, you brown noser, really check the prices, don't buy into the propaganda that walmart spews as the truth....think for yourself!


Yes the prices ARE that good and yes you will be back. That is the reality of it....As a cashier, I can tell you that no one feels worse about poor service than MOST of your walmart employees...we are PEOPLE first.

We do not sell our souls to work there, and despite popular opinion your money does not go straight into our pockets. We deal with so many things behind the smile (however forced it may be sometimes) that you have no idea.

At 10 at night in our store it's usually dead. Why pay 10 cashiers to hang around doing nothing in the hopes that someone will mess up, not have funds, create a long line just so you dont have to wait 5 or God forbid 10 mins?

Do you know why Walmart wont do this? TO KEEP YOUR PRICES AS LOW AS THEY CAN BE...oh that's not to say they dont add a little profit in their own pockets as well, but you get my point. As for poor service, were they rude to you? Did you not get what you wanted?

Or is it that you just had to wait in a situation that, well when you get right down to it was customer fault and not really walmart. Under normal circumstances...had the customer had the funds, there would have been hardly any wait at all....so why blame walmart?


We are so lucky -- our WalMart has self service checkouts and they are great.

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