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i go to Wal-Mart every night after work to get ammo, about 30 minutes ago i did the same thing and it took 4 employees to try and find the keys that one guy had on him and then they came up with some *** story about now the ammo cases have lock sensors on them and they cant be opened after 10/11pm and i get off work at 11 getting there about 11:10 all the time about $200 bucks a week and they insisted on telling me that the locks have been in place for a long time and i told them if a long time wasn't yesterday there full of ***. The lazy employee with the keys most likely just told them that load of *** so he didnt have do do his job.

and most nights i have to wait at least 25 minutes to get service and eventually have to *** near hold an employees hand and take him to the sporting goods section to get what i need. if your still open then BE open. p.s.

closing at 12pm really sucks and everyone else thinks that too. sincerely, a FORMER customer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Maybe with your anger they did not want to endanger your town and give you ammo, afraid you would shoot someone? I would also think that one old enough to work and own a gun would know how to spell and use better grammar?

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