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Paid extra for extended warranty on a computer bought last Christmas. The computer didn't work from the day we got it.

We have sent it in for repair, they sent it back without fixing it. I called to let them know it still doesn't work. They said they will send another box for us to send it back in. 1 week later...

still no box to return it. I call to let them know they tell me my computer is in the repair center being fixed they are waiting on parts. I tell them no, it isn't it's in my living room! STILL BROKEN!

I call them to tell them about it and ask to speak to a manager. They transfer me to computer department... no one ever comes to the phone. I call back and ask to talk to a manager again.

They are all busy and looks like they will all be busy for at least the next 4 hours. This is a HOAX! DO NOT BUY A COMPUTER FROM WALMART! If you do, save the extra $47, it still will not work anyway.

If anyone has a class action law suit, I would LOVE to be part of it against WALMART and ASURION! So disappointed I just got a new phone from Sprint, and they use the SAME COMPANY!

Reason of review: a product has NEVER worked!.

Monetary Loss: $352.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Walmart Cons: Sold me a broken computer.

  • Computer Asurion
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I boat a cover w/protection plan for my boat and it ripped in less than a year. I called and tried to start a claim.

I called 3 times and each time they would say I'm puting you on hold and hang up. Or I'm going to transfer you, please hold and again hang up on me. On the third time I told the woman not to put me on hold or transfer me, there was a pause and then, yup hung up. OMG I was pissed.

I was finally able to contact them today and i "think" they're sending me a ecard with the purchase price on it within 72hrs. We'll see, these guys need to be sued!


I also would like to file as well.Bought a extended warranty for my 48 inch vizio tv,was told it covers spills damage.As well cracked screen..was lied to by the walmart employee..sorry she dont remember telling me that..yea right..So much for a Christmas present..500.00 down the drain.


Something similar happened to me with a Westinghouse TV that quit displaying 13 months after I bought it. Had registered everything properly and got the contact info for the place to do the repair and nothing called for a month straight all I got was an answering machine.

Which I never got a call back from after leaving my info 8-10 times.

Finally just took it apart and repaired the $35 back light chip that had burned out and was good to go. I will never buy an extended warranty again.


There needs to be a class actions lawsuit against there warranty, they don't tell you it can't be sent back to there store until after it purchased. And the little holder looks like walmart so you buy it none the wiser