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This is the third time I have been to Walmart with a long list for groceries, healthcare, cleaning, and pet supplies. I had my coupons, clipped from both the internet and the Sunday paper.

Once again, Walmart had problems with the coupons, especially the ones from the newspaper. Embarrassed again with a long line forming behind me, the cashier calls in all the manager-type people and they discuss what to do. Supposively, Walmart had an upgrade on their cashier computers and it does not like certain coupons and when it rejects it, the cashier rejects it. A lot of my coupons come from Coupon.com, Smartsource, Commonkindness.com, Redplum, and the individual sites like Kelloggs or Renu contacts, so these are not false coupons.

I know there are people who are pushing the system, but come on I shop there every week and spend above 100.00 each week, 3 growing kids and 2 pets.

I wrote to Walmart and I am waiting for a reply, so far nothing. I hate shopping all over when I can get a lot of stuff at one place, but I guess I will take my VERY HARD EARNED money somewhere else.

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Walmart has a new coupon system and it does not take alot of coupons that are actually valid. I have been behind a customer trying to use coupons and the cashier was frustrated because the computer system is much slower now and can only except half of the coupons offered.

The Manager was eventually called and explain the new policy. The customer was told the coupons were still good and maybe she could use them at another store.

30 minutes later after half of her order was voided from the transaction, the woman left quite upset. Walmart never ceases to amaze me.

@made in china

That's what happens when you sacrifice quality for cost-effectiveness (in other words, increasing profits at the expense of the customer's needs and the associate's productivity!


I shop at WalMart, exclusively, because they are the closest store to my apartment, and taking a cab there doesn't cost as much as to other stores. I never have any trouble with WalMart taking coupons whether or not they come from magazines, newspapers, When I print coupons out, I limit myself to ones that are direct from a specific company, like Kellogs or whatever.

I do know WalMart won't take coupons that have a specific store name on them. Some stores will, but not WalMart.