Hubbard, Texas
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i bought an EMERSON TELEVISION from WALMART on 04/24/12 and it has already broken. the most that has ever been done to it was using the remote to change channels.

WALMARTrefuses to take it back for an equal exchange and EMERSON AUDIO is refusing to take it back to fix unless I pay another $70 for labor. I am disabled and on a set income and as everyone else, whether disabled or working , I cannot afford to pay more for something thats not even 8 months old. I have complained to WALMART AND EMERSON and noone wants to take responsibility.

i just want to exchange for the same model. I AM EXTREMELY PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $251.

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Most stores have a 90 day warranty on all of their items, including electronic stuff. I don't know what the manufacturers have, from what I have heard the electronic companies do require a payment on repairs. More than likely that $70.00 is less than if you took it to a local repair man.