Chicago, Illinois

I was the victim this weekend of robbery. The theives stole my purse using all of my bank cards and credit cards at WalMart and Meijer to purchase gift cards.

I find it AMAZING that a cashier does not have enough training or common sense to question someone purchasing thousands of dollars in gift cards. If they would have checked id then they would have seen that the white female on the drivers license was clearly not the black female standing in front of them. I was told a million different reasons as to why the id was not checked, my favorite was that "the store manager does not like us asking for id's. We have tons of stolen cards used here." REALLY!!!

Well why doesn't the store manager volunteer his cards for the thieves to use and wait it out to receive their money back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Why does a six year old such as yourself have bank cards in the first place. I mean come on admit you are six years old.

You do not take any blame or responsibility for being careless. You do not have the common sense to take care of your stuff. Give your purse to mommy next time so this would not happen. How do you know it was the black female that stole our stuff.

If you knew this and saw her why not tell her to return it yourself.

I have a feeling that you are just assuming she stole because she is black.


I know your post is from October. However, Check your states credit card policy.

I believe that if a merchant fails to ask for id on a cc purchase and the transaction is fraudulent, the merchans is fined and possibly dropped by the credit card company. The best thing you can ever do is DO NOT SIGN the back of your cards. Instead, write "CHECK FOR ID" as the signature. This is another way of trying to protect yourself against the "bonehead" cashiers and managment.

You also have to remember, Walmart treats their employees as bad as their customers. The employees do not care what happens to you or your money.

Other than that, the best thing you can do is not shop at Walmart, Sams or Walgreens. Otherwise, this is what you can expect from these companies.


The walmart that I work for treats their employees very well and the pay is GREAT!!!! It sure beats Home Depot and Lowes which are supposed to be so great!!!


I agree, but what about the bonehead that left her purse unattended instead of giving it to an adult to keep safe. What about the bonehead that blames them for her carelessness.

The point is the bonehead writing this does not take any responsibility for being careless and blames them when she is a victim of something that could have been avoided if she had given the purse to mommy or daddy for safe keeping.


If they used credit cards, Wal-Mart is not allowed to ask for ID per their contract with the CC companies. It's a common clause in the merchant agreement.


NOT TRUE. They have to ask for id or face penalties by the cc company for accepting fraudulent cards. Perhaps what you mean is, employees are instructed by management not to ask for id.


Did you file a police report? Did you cancel your bank cards?

WalMart doesn't ask for id, unless it is over $8000. Once the sale of gift cards or telephone minute cards exceeds $8000, the register will not allow the cashier to complete the transaction. After that, the buyer needs to go to customer service and complete a Federal government form.

If they refuse to show id, the buyer is escorted out of the store, and reported to the DHS and the FBI. It is all part of the Patriot Act.