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Update by user Nov 16, 2011

After contacting Straight Talk for a refund, they told me that Walmart should refund my money. I also asked them about getting my previous phone number transferred to AT@T the reply was the representative can call us and got through the steps.

When AT&T contacted Straight Talk.

my phone number was locked....although my card was good for 27 more days. These people are very unethical!

Original review posted by user Nov 08, 2011

I purchased a Straight Talk data phone and a $45 Unlimited access card. Prior to the day I purchased these products I was told directly from a sales woman if I had any problems with this I could return "them". The Walmart employees raved about this product. They actually told me they had not received any complaints about this product. After purchasing the phone and card I contacted the Straight Talk reps to activate my phone. After I had made multiple calls in an attempt to access use of my new the representative told me it would take 24 -36 hours for my phone to work. How could this be????

The next day( day 2) I contacted the ST Reps again. The man I spoke to at that time told me, after updating my phone...when my old phone stops working, turn off my new phone and turn it back on. Then try to make a phone call. I called my home number the answering machine came on. I thought okay it must be working. At this point I had no Internet access. On (day three)I contacted the Straight Talk reps again...they told me they had nothing to do with my phone with browser and the message on the screen saying I had "0" minutes of usage on a new 45 dollar card.

I returned the phone to Walmart. After speaking to another employee,

he told me all these were "junk phones" then asked if I wanted to try another??? When I told them "no". I wanted a refund. I was told they "Walmart" could not refund my money for the card because it was activated..Hello..To find out if the phone works you must activate the phone with that card. Walmart manager told me I had to contact Straight Talk for a refund. Smart Talk said Walmart should refund your money. I guess Walmart is really stooping low to rip off people and not backing the products they sell. I refuse to return to walmart.

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