According to Walmart, I have a check that was returned to them. I can't cash a payroll check, return or exchange an item purchased at Walmart until this is resolved.

Telecheck is the service that handles their checks. I can't get anyone at Walmart to look into the matter to try to resolve and I can't get Telecheck on the phone. The 800# I was given only delivers a busy signal.

2:30 in the morning, and I've been calling since 6:30 pm. Today is one of day out of several years of this aggravation.

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i work for another retail establishment not walmart and we use a check cashing verified system not telecheck the telecheck type compainies will not give the retail establishment any personal account informaation we are told to have the customer contact them directly if you wanted to write a check at walmart then obviously you have a bank account why not cash your check their if your account is still valid also you might try calling telecheck during business hours ie monday thru friday from nine am to five pm for the time zone telecheck is located in not trying to call after six thirty pm till two thirty in the morning obviously they wont be there


This guy probably has no bank account where he can cash it , even though you can open a account at places like PNC for 25 bucks ,but being a illegal they cant open one.

Also that Telecheck is awful I seen the mayor of Rosemont Ill be turned down at Gamestop by the same company while spending 600 bucks , this guy was worth more than every senator put together . he could buy a new house every 12 hours and still be a millionaire , but yet he couldn't spend 600 dollars.

I dont goto Walmart since they are such a evil company , id rather spend more money then shop there .

Sam Walton must be rolling in his grave due to what his kids are doing and I am glad chicago wont let a walmart in its borders , but what they then do is surround the city with them. I would love a Mejer if we had one near by , so I am stuck with Target or Jewel


I do not understand why you insist on cashing a cheque at WalMart, to say nothing of even shopping at that place! Just go to your banque.

Telecheck could care less that you are inconvenienced, and if possible, WalMart could care even less than Telecheck.

Do as I and more and more people are doing---avoid WalMart. Shop at Meijer if possible.

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