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I decided a year ago I would not go to Walmart anymore. My last experience was less than satisfactory as I purchased a dress blouse that buttoned up. I was in a rush so I just grabbed the largest size I could find which was a 2X. I am a big chested woman (38DDD). It's so hard to find reasonable priced clothes that fit me comfortably. When I got home I tried the shirt on and it didn't button around my bust so I took it back the next day.

In the costumer return line the woman asked what was wrong with the shirt. I said, "Nothing it's too small for me, it didn't fit around my bust." She looked at the shirt and then looked at me and said, "You bought this for yourself?" How rude and totally unprofessional! What the f**k is wrong with people. I may have a HUGE chest but I am not fat. Yes I bought a shirt without trying it on but I kept my receipt so what's the problem?

Last night was no different in their costumer service. They have hardly any staff. Why would anyone want to work there? We waited in line to buy syrup and CD sleeves. No one came to help us and we had to stand out in the open for someone to see us. There was one cash register open. It was not that late, it was 10pm. The man who finally helped us didn't say a word. He just rang us up and then starred at us. I had to ask how much the total was.

Don't support Walmart!!!! Just don't do it.

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i decided a year ago not to goto walmart..... THEN WHY THE EFFIN *** ARE YOU *** ABOUT A RECEnt WALMART TRIP????????????

and you stood out in the open?

why not stand in line you said there was a checkout open.

they have to invite you to get in line. get over yourself your retarded

everyones comments are so long i didnt read them QQ


when MrsBitch says big wigs, she means that her husband likes to wear fake woman's wigs. the highest power that her husband has is being able to lock and unlock the bathroom door. oh and the door to where his janitor office is.


So your saying you are not fat but have a set of jugs the size of a buick? That has to be a pain to tote those melons around with you everyday.

However have you ever considered renting them? 2 bucks for a squeeze.. As for Mrs Lea01 she is off of her meds again thinking her out of work alcholic husband is a walmart super star.

If he indeed has access to big wigs he is likely a janitor or a phone operator or perhaps at best a butler. Anyone with official ties to the big wigs sure would not have a 700# wife badgering his company online.


Like I said even if he has access to the wigs they won't fire the employees mentioned in this review. Half the stories are probably fake anyway with people wanting compensation for their "horrible" experieces.

They are probably in the wrong. Just like you were when you demanded that man who was on lunch break help you because your diet coke got stuck and threatened to report him to your husband if he did not.

Or that time when the sale was over for the patio set and you threw a temper tantrum, because they did not give in and finally your husband got you what you wanted which could cost him his job because he has to follow the same rules as everyone else and should not get special treatment because of his job at home office.

In other words even if your janitor husband does have access to the big wigs, he can show them these reviews all he wants they cannot do a thing to the employees mentioned. You still think he has lots of power because you think he can get the big wigs to fire the people complained about in this review.


(479)273-4941 or 479-273-4000

Like I said before, my husband does not have the power to fire people, but he does have access to the big wigs and reads the posts on here and stuff.


Lea is my first name. How many times do I have to tell you that? I'm not giving my last name out on here.


well not everyone is going to agree with you MrsCunningham. the only people that will are MsLea and the anonymous weirdo from Mississippi that will agree with you but only to stalk you afterwards.

Chilly, if home office sends out schedules to you then watch out for MrLea.


Perhaps you should lose weight so you don't buy clothes too big for you. Face it the problem is not your chest, you are just using that as an excuse.

All they asked was if the dress was for you. They knew that you were too fat for the dress. And obviously the issue is with your weight not your chest size because if it was about your chest size you would be flattered. Did this incident really prevent you from going to Walmart or are you prevented from going to Walmart because you gained another 53 pounds and cannot fit through their doors.

To get upset over this seriously. Also if you are offended by Ihatedumbcustomer's replies than maybe sharing your experience is not for you if you are going to be such a crybaby.

As for MrLea, if your husband is reading these review why can he not apologize to the people who are making childish complaints and given his contact info.

Other people have. Oh right because he is not that much of a big shot as you are telling us and you really are unmarried and bitter.


I agree with your first complaint in that the associate who returned the blouse should not have made the remark she did. That was in poor taste. In regards to the rest...

"They have hardly any staff,."

-It's true. We don't. But our store isn't in charge or staffing. We get schedules sent to us by home office who also are, apparently, very against overtime and calling in more staff when it's busy, expecting us to deal. If constant understaffing is a problem, tell head office, not the store manager who has little control. If enough people say something (even better, hit them in the wallet and ACTUALLY STOP shopping at their stores), they will eventually have to listen.

"Why would anyone want to work there?"

-We work there because a)Wal-Mart forces all other businesses out of town and there is little choice and b) to supplement our student loans so we're not tens of thousands of dollars in debt by the time we graduate university/college, earning a degree that gives us the skills to not have to work at Wal-Mart. Also, we have many retirees (they got screwed over with their pensions and needed to start working again and not many places hire seniors), parents (maybe they can't commute to "real" jobs because of family commitments), and, of course, a plethora of high school students (cheap, disposable labour. What employer doesn't like that?).

"We waited in line to buy syrup and CD sleeves!. No one came to help us and we had to stand out in the open for someone to see us."

-So you were waiting in a line, or wandering around in the open? One or the other. In the case of wandering, no one helped you because a) you were not in a line where people go to be helped, or b) you didn't ask. We're not mind readers. If you're not in a line and don't ask for help, we assume you're just taking your time shopping. When we come out and offer help when we see wanderers, thinking they may be too shy to ask (or expect us to read minds), we get complaints about our trying to hurry customers into leaving.

"There was one cash register open. It was not that late, it was 10pm."

-How many people shop at 10pm? Especially for a large amount of things? One cashier plus a courtesy associate (if you only have a few items, usually less than 10, as you did, and ask politely for the courtesy associate to ring you through, they usually will) likely was more than enough.

"The man who finally helped us didn't say a word. He just rang us up and then starred at us. I had to ask how much the total was."

-I don't begrudge the OP this. This is a pretty believable occurrence, and one I've witnessed many times. I find male cashiers have a little more difficulty interacting with customers because of the way they THINK the customer views them and because of the way the customer actually does view them. I have had many customers wait in my line, though it was longer than a male colleague’s, because they would not go to a male cashier (especially women buying intimates, feminine hygiene products, etc). Cashier work, it seems, is still viewed as a female-dominated job because women tend to be more sociable than men and interact better with customers (unlike the rude courtesy girl you had, unfortunately).

While some complaints are legitimate and justified, some comments made, criticizing thousands of staff based on interaction with a select few, were not fair to those of us who actually are competent at our jobs. Please don't judge all Wal-Mart staff based on a few morons.


@Ihatestupidcustomers- Actually no, my point to state how big my bust is was to clearly point out why the "customer service employee" may feel entitled to ask me such a rude question.

It doesn't matter if it is Walmart or Layne Bryant (where I normally go although they closed the one in my town down) employees should be courteous and helpful. I do not believe in the comment, "Well it's WaLmart what do you expect?".

Having a large chest makes it difficult to buy clothing and I was born this way. Why would anyone brag about an insecurity such as this?

Perhaps you should be more sensitive to the fact that people on this site are looking to share their bad experiences. In this case it has prevented me from EVERY going to Walmart. I don't care that it's the only store for 30 minutes around me.


was there really any reason why you have to tell us about your chest? if you're posting this to show off about it then I'm not impressed and I'm sure no one else is.

just calm down and you need to learn that Walmart isn't a place you go to for the best customer service. you go to get low prices, plain and simple.

and I'm not surprised to see MrsLea01 joining the party by posting about her *** of a husband that for some odd reason, is still with her. MrsLea, either your husband is a piece of *** like you or you hold a gun to his head until he admits that Walmart is horrible and your posts about Walmart are completely true and you're always right. and of course your husband has access to the big dogs.

you're probably talking about the dogs that you have in your yard that chase away the mailman which would explain why you never receive your store ads. then when the post office calls you about controlling your animals so the mailman can finally reach your mailbox, you tell them that your husband will have the mailman fired if he fails to deliver the mail again.


"But he does have access to the big dogs." I guess if you count it when your husband comes into contact with +urd and P155 residueafter these "big dogs" make a mess in the men's room, then yes...he does have access to the big dogs.


Even if he does have access to big dogs they are not going to fire someone over a review on this website which could be all lies for all he knows. Quit making him out to be a big shot.


I know he doesn't have the power, and he is not a janitor either. Why do you keep saying that?? But he does have access to the big dogs.


I always hated it when my store manager sent me to any of the State College Wal-Marts. A55H0LE college students who think they know everything and rich snobs who think they can command anyone who is within their eyesight.

As soon as the rich snobs saw that my badge said assistant manager, they thought it was an invitation to start B1TCH1NG about every detail of the store (in hopes of getting a $5 pity gift card). At least the college kids were too lazy to complain.

Apparently you are no exception either to the typical clientele in State College.

All the customer service associate asked you was "Did you buy this for yourself?". She didn't say "You fat piece of 5H1T - what the H311 were you thinking!!"

Seriously, if you want 20 checkouts open and someone to say you look gorgeous, go to Wegmann's - and pay Wegmann's prices.


Lmao! Are you really trying to sympathize with this person?i give her props because she stopped going which is logical.

I dont like walmart but for completely different reasons.i dont go very much but when i do i try not to be mean because people are people not the job. I hate dumb customers too but its not the persons fault. Its a job. You need a life and just stay home where you have all the happy pills you want and stop bothering the world with your *** issues.i feel bad for your husband.

Hes probably always at work just to get away from your dumb butt. Got to say though your still a joke


There you go again, assuming that your husband actually has the power to fire the people being complained about. Go a head and show him. How many of the people that had bad posts against them were actually fired by your janitor husband from home office?


Walmart service is just horrible. I experience it all of the time, and my husband works at the home office.

Luckily having a husband who works at the big place helps. As far as everyone else is concerned, all I can say is contact WM customer service, store managers, etc.

I also show my husband a lot of the posts on here from Walmart. I will show him this one too.

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