I had an issue yesterday with the assistance manager my wife had a set of tires put on our van a few months back an i had to replace the Breaks so i had someone replace the rear he broke several wheel studs trying to *** the wheel to change the breaks he told us about it and I went to change the front and the same problem the wheels were never removed for anything no flats no other work that the would need removing till now when i replaced the breaks. The guy that changed the tires used and impact wrench an cross threaded 80 percent of the wheel nuts.I took the van over there to wal mart automotive an showed the asst manager he's trying to tell me that i done it cause on the receipt has a torque specs on it im also a mechanic i no about impact tools as long as you keep your finger on the trigger it will keep twisting the nut .In this case the guy cross threaded them.

i have a 9 year olo son with cebral palsy he has to go to therapy 3 times a week no what if my wife or me would have had a flat tire i broke most of the studs off so i could change the breaks on the road i could not have done anything me and my wife & son would have been stuck in this heat waiting for a tow truck. we brought two sets of tires from Wal Mart i did my grocery shopping there well Wal Mart for a few lug nuts and studs your loosing a valuable coustomer.

I thought you stand behind a safety factor like this but i see you don't give a dam about the people that keeps your paychecks coming i won't be contributing to them anyway more i don't care if others stores are higher in price i will be using them. People out there this os the Wal Mart on Boulder Hwy & Flamingo.

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