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This started for me May 26 at 4:4am when a perp walked into the first of 2 Walmarts to cash fraudulent checks for purchases. The checks were fakes and were processed electronically by the Walmart cashier. The cashier keyed in the fake driver’s license number and the thief left with $350 dollars in merchandise and the checks they faked as the cashier gives the scanned check back to the perp at the completion of the transaction. The transactions hit my checking account May 28th. I disputed the charges with my bank that were scanned at the store by Telecheck and approved. I have now filled out a police report and a fraud report at both of the Walmarts involved. Walmart will not cooperate with victims in any way as a matter of policy. Only the police can get any information from them. I was able to coerce copies of the receipts from a willing office clerk who felt sympathetic to my plight. (Her name is withheld as Walmart would probably fire her if they found out she was helpful) Video surveillance is kept for no more than 90 days by the store so act fast once you notice the fraud. Pray that the perp does not bounce the check as Telecheck and Walmart will gang rape the fraud victim by making it so no check from that account can be cashed anywhere by the legitimate account holder as they fight to clear their good name. Telecheck will allow a report amendment to correct the negative notation, but oddly enough Walmart refuses to issue the correction letter as they do not do that as a matter of policy. Again the effort expended by Walmart management is to limit the resources spent on this type of issue and to screw the customer once more. The last action item was to file a complaint with the FTC. My complaint however is against Walmart as they are the ones that have allowed this uncontrolled security breach to continue without resolution or correction since before 2007 when the fraud practice was first detailed.

Walmart / Telecheck solution: Add a small print scanner to the register to scan the driver’s license of the person submitting the check and print it on the back of the check. Then of course don’t give the check back to the thief. Then at least you have a picture of the a*sh#le committing the crime. Walmart security cameras look like they were purchased at Walmart - made in China. It is the same business plan as Home Depot. Now that DOMA is dead – Home Depot and Walmart can get married and call themselves HoMart. They treat their employees like slaves.

Expected results:Wells Fargo (my bank) - I will get a form letter from them indicating that the provisional credit of the stolen funds has been finalized and the case is closed. WTF, that all there is? Nothing more? No added security, no further investigation (what am I thinking, they have not done any investigation at all).

Walmart – They will not tell me anything. They will only communicate with the police. Walmart truly sucks.

Telecheck – This is a total run around. The automated phone number never gets you to a live person. I called Walmart corporate and they had a number to talk with Telecheck. They conferenced them in and low and behold I am talking with Dwaine in Manila. Now he is asking for all my personal account information. After that 45 minute waste of time, the only useful thing I could glean was the store number where the fraud actually occurred. Understand that Walmart was not able to tell me the store number from the 15 digit transit number on the electronic check record.

Police – They have been very co-operative and now the entire investigation is in their hands. I do not know if I will ever hear anything from them.

Bottom Line1. Don’t ever write a check again. There are so many places they can be compromised. Any check sent to a company that process checks has such lax security that you can walk in and take the checks that have been processed and are headed for destruction. At Cox Communication they shred the processed checks as they do not go back to the bank. The destruction is a non-human process unless, as the supervisor indicated, the machine jams and then somebody (anybody drawing the short straw) gets the *** job of removing the jam and back up of un-shredded checks. No, it is not a secure area.2. Don’t shop at Walmart! Their corporate policies are one sided, unilateral, arbitrary, capricious, poorly instructed, inconsistently managed and lack the necessary security to protect the buying public. With an excess of 1 BILLION in cash, Walmarts sole focus is still cutting costs, pay, and benefits to its employees so it can leech a few more cents per share out of the earnings to pay the bloodsucking shareholders who do nothing to make the company grow, perform better or more humanly. With that much cash on hand it should buy back the shares. The premise for the stock was to generate the necessary capital to expand. That is no longer the case. It is just a way of scrapping off the $ cream for the takers of our society that believe that investment is more worthy then hands on labor. There can be no leech if there is no host, and the stock market is killing the host.

Closing – I realize that there will be little satisfaction beyond this rant. If it helps one person save a little time not having to go through this BS then it was worth it. It is getting increasing difficult to ever find a responsible person that has the authority to correct glaring issues like these. Corporations have become effective at compartmentalizing every aspect of their organization and processes in an effort to stop internal collusion and corruption. The downside fall out of this is the total lack of accountability of organizations to make the necessary course corrections to processes that are either inadequate, ineffectual or just plain out of date. To be able to correct these issues a group of individuals needs to be tasked with looking at processes from cradle to grave to better understand its strengths, weaknesses and dynamic interactions. If this type of higher altitude systemic analysis didn’t work then we would have no need for CEOs or their inflated salaries.

I welcome your readers responses and further insight.

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Monetary Loss: $350.

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Thank You for this. We were just ripped off at Walmart.

Someone wrote a check and put our companies Acct. no on it. Walmart gladly let this thief cash it/or use it to buy something. I am so PISSED Off!

Wells Fargo immediately called and told us about the fraud and credited us back the money. $486.00. So they are out of It now. I want to find out who did it and which Walmart (maybe one of a ton of delivery drivers).

This may take the rest of my life to find out. Thanks for your info. and yes Walmart Sucks!!! and keeps allowing this to happen.

Wells Fargo acts like its just an everyday thing!! Well, its a horrible mess for a business. We have to make a new account no. change everything!!!

what a pain!!!!! They say that the criminals only do under $500, so If they get caught it is just a misdemeanor, not a felony.

So Walmart doesn't care or try to find them. Not worth their time!!!!